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It is not in all but a trivial sense - that they are both to do with finding the perimeter!

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Q: Why is finding the perimeter of a triangle related to finding the perimeter of a rectangle?
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How is the perimeter of a parallelogram related to the perimeter of a triangle and a rectangle?

B+h*2 =9*-=423

How is a parallelogram and a triangle perimeter related?

Only by the definition of a perimeter.

How is a triangle is related to a square or a rectangle?


How are the areas of the triangle and rectangle related?

the area of a triangle is half that of a rectangle made using two of those triangles.

How is the area of a triangle related to the area of a rectangle?

It's half the area of a rectangle

How do you get the area of an rectangle?

Area = length x width you may try the online calculator linked below that is related to this area and perimeter calculation of common shapes like rectangle, circle, triangle, parallelogram, rhombus and trapezoid.

How is perimeter and area related in a rectangle?

The perimeter of a rectangle is the distance around the rectangle. The area of a rectangle is the space inside the rectangle. To calculate either one you need the length and the width of the rectangle. To calculate the area multiply the length times the width. To calculate the perimeter add the length+width+length+width (that is the distance all the way around)

How is a triangle related to a rectangle?

if you draw a line from one corner of a rectangle to the opposite it creates two triangles

What are the measurements for length and width of a rectangle related to a triangle?

It heavily depends on exactly how they're related.

How is the area triangle related to the area of a rectangle?

two right triangles = full rectangle That is - if you multiply height times base of a triangle, the area will be 1/2 of a rectangle having the same height, and a width the same as the triangle base.

What is the rectangle method in math?

The term "rectangle method" is used in different ways in math, but I will guess that your question is related to finding areas on a Geoboard. A Geoboard has a grid of pegs; you can make outlines of figures by stretching elastic bands around the pegs. If your figure is a triangle, you can find it's area by making the smallest rectangle which will enclose the triangle (The rectangle should have vertical and horizontal sides). The area of the rectangle can be found easily by multiplying the length by the width. The area of the triangle is half of the area of the rectangle.

How are area and perimeter and volume related?

They are characteristics of geometric shapes. However, there is no simple relationship. A rectangle with a given perimeter can have a whole range of areas.

How is the area of a triangle related to the area of a rectangle with the same base and height?


What is the width of a rectangle compared to the length?

The width and the length are independent. You can have a very long rectangle which is very wide or not wide at all. They are related when it comes to calculating area or perimeter of the rectangle. Perhaps that is what you meant?

How do you find the perimeter of a shape when only the base and area are given?

"Shape" is too general of a term. More information is needed to solve. What kind of shape is it? Triangle, rectangle? is it a regular polygon? See the Related Questions below to get more information.

How do you find the perimeter of a triangle if you only know the length of two sides?

You cannot discover the perimeter of a triangle if all you have is the length of two sides and nothing else. Knowing only the length of two sides of a triangle is insufficient to discover the length of the third side, and, thereby, discover the perimeter. Use the link below to a related question and see how it works.

How is fimding the Area of a rectangle related to Distributive Property?

It is not. You simply multiply length x width.

How are side lengths of a figure and perimeter related?

perimeter is the sum of all sides.

How is an isosceles triangle related to an isosceles trapezoid?

how is an isoscelels trapezoid related to a isosceles triangle

How is the formula for the parallelogram related to the area formula of the rectangle?

The area formula for the parallelogram is related to the area formula for a rectangle because you can make the parallelogram into a rectangle to find the area.

How Are Linear Dimensions Perimeter and Area Related?

they are all related to math

How is a triangle related to a square?

A right triangle is half of a square

How is area perimeter and volume related?

In general the larger the perimeter (of a flat shape) the greater the area. Given two congruent shapes the one with the larger perimeter has a greater area.But two shapes that are not congruent (or almost so) do not follow this rule: for example a rectangle fifteen units long and one unit wide has an area of 15 square units and a perimeter of 32 units. While a square with edges four units has an area of sixteen square units (one more than the other rectangle) but a perimeter of only sixteen units (half that of the long thin rectangle).So too with surface area and volume. Of two congruent 3 dimensional shapes, the one with the larger volume will also have a larger surface area.

How is area and perimeter related?

I think it depends on the shape

How are the perimeter and the side related to each other?

The length of each side, when added together, forms the perimeter.