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A regular pentagon or a 5-pointed star have rotational symmetry of order 5.

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Q: Why is it 5 fold symmetry not possible?
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Why 5-fold rotational symmetry is not possible in cube?

Becuase 5-fold, 7-fold, 8-fold or any other higher-fold crystal's structure (shape) is based on the geometric arrangement of atoms, so can not completely fill the space.

Why does a regular pentagon have a 5 fold rotational symmetry?

This is a little bit like asking why a square has four sides. A regular pentagon is defined in such a way as to require that it has 5-fold rotational symmetry.

What are the degrees of a Symmetry?

A two-fold symmetry has a 360 degrees rotation. A three-fold rotational symmetry, on the other hand, has 120 degrees, and on a horizontal axis, a symmetry has 180 degrees.

A shape which has at least 1 line of symmetry?

Symmetry is a shape, object or drawing that on both sides are exactly the same! So a square, rectangle, circle, diamond, and more.When you draw something like a square cut it out and see how many times you can fold it. If you can fold it one time that fold represents a line of symmetry! A heart ❤️ has one line of symmetry. If you can not fold it with equal parts on both sides then it does not have a line of symmetry.

What type of symmetry does a two fold line have?

It has rotational symmetry of order 2.

What is four fold symmetry?

It means 4 lines of symmetry as for example a square has 4 lines of symmetry

Is it possible for a pentagon to have three lines of symmetry?

No, it can only have 0, 1 or 5 lines of symmetry.

A line has rotational symmetry?


A line has two-fold symmetry.?

Yes, it does.

A has two-fold rotational symmetry?


A line has two fold symmetry?

Yes, it does.

Echinoderms body description?

Echinoderms are a phylum with usually 5 fold symmetry, spines and calcium carbonate plates.