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The reason that manhole covers are round, and not square, is because a square cover could, when placed at the right angle, fall through the square hole in the ground. A circle, however, is the same diameter no matter where you measure it, and it cannot fir through a hole the same size and shape, no matter how hard anyone tried.

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Q: Why is it better for manhole covers to be round rather than square?
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Why are manhole covers in the us round instead of square?

The round manhole cannot fall into the hole no matter which way you turn it.

Why are man hole covers round?

Round manhole covers are generally used over square manholes because they cannot fall through the manhole openings. There is a chance that if square manhole covers are used they can be turned at an angle and fall through the manhole opening. Round manhole covers can be moved more easily as well.

Why is it better to have a round Manhole cover than a square one?

A round manhole cover will not fall through the hole, A square one will.

Why are manhole covers circular?

Microsoft and Burger King came to the conclusion that the covers are round after a year long study. At the end of this study they concluded that, logically, man hole covers must be round, otherwise the fat people that use their products would fall in, and thus would cause their profits to drop considerabliy.

What is the square foot of a 17' by 4' ID Manhole?

4 times 17 is 68

Why manhole is a circle when physics is applied?

So it doesnt fall in, theres no way for a circle to fall into the hole, whereas a square manhole, when tilted at the right angle, could fall in and hurt the workers underneath.

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Why does the the manhole cover created round?

A square one would fall through itself but with a round one this is impossible

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