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Q: Why is it important for a sample to b representative?
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Why is obtaining a representative sample important?

Many statistical statements for a population which are based on a sample are not valid if the sample is not representative.

Why is it important to have a representative sample when doing surveys?

Because without representative sample, your results will not be valid.

Why is it important for a sample to be representative?

It is important for a sample to be representative, so that the whole population's view is counted, and not biased by one particular group within the population.

Which of these best describes why it is so important to have a representative sample?

To generalize results from the sample population to the target population.

Why is important that a sample be random and representative when conducting hypothesis testing?

It helps you nawser

Why is it so important to have a representative sample?

If the sample is not representative of the population, then the characteristics of the sample are not the characteristics of the population. Example: If I want to estimate the percentage of the population that are men, and my sample is the school's football team, my estimate would be that 100% of the population is comprised of men. What went wrong with my survey ? Simple. The football team is not a representative sample of the population, at least not as regards gender.

What is relations between representative sample and population?

A representative sample is a randomly selected subset of the population.

What You decide you want your sample to be representative of the population. Which sampling process would provide the most representative sample?

A simple random sample.

What is difference between sample and representative sample?

A sample is any subset of the total population. A representative sample is one that is chosen so that its characteristics are similar to that of the population.

If it has similar characteristics as the population the sample is termed?

It is called a representative sample.

What is a representative sample?

A sample that accurately reflects the characteristics of the population as a whole

What does it mean for a sample to representative of a population?

That the key characteristics of the population are reflected in the sample.