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The degradation (rot) rate is increased with temperature

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Q: Why is it more important in terms of reaction rate to take groceries straight home from the store when it is 25 degrees Celsius than it is when it is 2 degrees Celsius?
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What temperature do groceries stores keep there apples at?

they keep it at roughly 12.5 Decries celsius hope it helped they keep it at roughly 12.5 Decries celsius hope it helped

What temperatures are best for enzymatic reaction?

35 degrees Celsius to 40 degrees Celsius

Does co2 reacts with air at 250degree Celsius?

No, there's no reaction

Why is Thermit reaction so important?

The Thermit reaction is important because it produces high temperatures and can be used for welding and metal cutting. The reaction creates intense heat (up to 2500 degrees Celsius) by combining aluminum powder with a metal oxide, such as iron oxide, which results in the release of molten metal. Additionally, Thermit reactions are useful in industries where precise and strong bonding of metals is required.

If HCL and Na2S2O3 are kept constant by how many degrees would this reaction have to be heated from 25 degrees C to precisely double the reaction rate?

Assuming the reaction is first order with respect to both HCl and Na2S2O3, increasing the temperature by 10 degrees Celsius will approximately double the reaction rate. So, you would need to heat the reaction from 25 degrees Celsius to 35 degrees Celsius to achieve this.

What is important about 37 degrees Celsius?

37 degrees Celsius is normal human body temperature.

Do catalyst allow chemical reaction to take place at zero degree celsius?

Some catalysts can increase the rate of a chemical reaction at zero degrees Celsius, but not all catalysts are effective at such low temperatures. The effectiveness of a catalyst at low temperatures depends on the specific reaction and the nature of the catalyst.

What was the rate during a 20 minute reaction time at 60 degrees celsius?


If iron is heat to 2000 degree Celsius is it a chemical reaction?

No. The iron would melt, which is a physical change.

How can equal into Celsius into Fahrenheit?

Plotted against internal thermal energy density, the Celsius and Fahrenheit scalesof temperature are straight lines with different slopes and different intercepts.The lines intersect (Celsius and Fahrenheit temperatures are equal) at -40 .(And don't ask me which one.)

What was the rate of glucose release from starch at 60 degrees Celsius with a ten minute reaction time?


Why is Celsius important?

Celsius is important because it is a widely used unit of temperature measurement in the world, especially in scientific and technological fields. It is based on the properties of water, making it a practical scale for everyday use. Celsius is also part of the International System of Units (SI), ensuring consistency in temperature measurements globally.