Why is it there are 2 roots in a square root?

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There are two possible answers because if you square a negative number, you will get a positive answer.

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Q: Why is it there are 2 roots in a square root?
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What is the square root of 2 square inches?

square inches do not have square roots only number have square roots.

What are the square roots of 2 and of 3?

The square root of 2 is 1.41421356, while the square root of 3 is 1.73205081. Hope this helps :)

What is square root of 4?

4 has two square roots. They are +2 and -2.

Can to negative square roots ever be multiplied?

You must be careful when multiplying square roots of negative numbers; the same rules that apply for normal square roots do NOT apply. I will use shorthand root(x) for the square root of x. For example, root(2) x root(3) = root(2 x 3) = root(6), but you can't do this with square roots of negative numbers. For example: root(-2) x root(-3) = i root(2) x i root(3) = i2 root(6) = (-1) root(6) = -root(6). "i" is the imaginary unit.

Are all square roots rational numbers?

No. Lots of square roots are not rational. Only the square roots of perfect square numbers are rational. So for example, the square root of 2 is not rational and the square root of 4 is rational.

What is the square root of 106 in fraction form such as the square root of 125 is 5 square roots of 5?

root 2 x root 53

What is the square root of 7 times 2 square roots of 7?

it is 14.

Arithmetic with square roots?

You can combine square roots when you multiply or divide. For example: root(2) x root(3) = root(6). You cannot do the same for addition and subtraction. For example, root(2) + root(3) can't be simplified.

What is the difference between perfect and nonperfect square roots?

Perfect square roots are square roots that have a whole number that can go into it perfectly. Nonperfect square roots are square roots that have decimal numbers going into it. Example: Perfect Square Root: 144- Square Root: 12 Nonperfect Square Root: 24- Square Root: About 4.89

Square root of 4x plus the square root of x?

square root of 4x is 2 times square root of x, so answer is square root of x times 3 since it is 2 square roots of x plus one of them

Are root 2 and root 3 rational or irrational?

The square roots of 2 and 3 are irrational but not transcendent.

What are the roots of the square root of 36x4?

The square root of 36 x 4 is 6 times 2, which is 12. The roots of 12 are +/-1, +/-2, +/-3, +/-4, +/-6, +/-12.

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