Why is it tiring to do nothing?

Updated: 6/2/2023
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I think that depends on your definition of "nothing," and also depends a lot on your mindset. One person could be rejuvenated by having some time to "veg out" or relax, while someone else might feel drained. Part of it is whether you are more extroverted or introverted, but another part is just what is going on with you at the moment. If you really want to be doing something else, then the in between times when nothing is happening will be more exhausting. If, however, you are focused on the present and what you are doing now, even if it is just thinking or relaxing or playing a brainless video game, then you might feel calm or satisfied rather than restless or tired.

One example might be sitting on the couch, reading a book beside the phone. If you took half a day off of work so that you could relax with the newest book by your favorite author, you are probably really enjoying this. If however you just met someone that you really like and you are hoping that person will call you and invite you to a specific activity, then you probably aren't even focusing much on the book, reading the same paragraph over and over again, just hoping the phone will ring.

Another example might be traveling. Sitting on a plane or in a car on the way somewhere can be horrible, and if you are focused on being there, you might resent the time that you have to spend in the middle, waiting for that time at the other end. On the other hand, if you are in the car with your favorite person, or you meet a new friend on the plane, then you might get focused on that moment and really enjoy yourself.

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Q: Why is it tiring to do nothing?
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