Why is knowledge of Algebra is essential for an engineer?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Algebra is used to solve simple problems involving know and unknown variables.

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Q: Why is knowledge of Algebra is essential for an engineer?
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What are the applications of arithmetic algebra?

Sure. There are other applications of arithmetic, but algebra without arithmetic is impossible. A broad knowledge of arithmetic is essential for mastery of algebra.

Is algebra important when becoming a surgical tech?

Yes. To proceed in any branch involving science or technology, a knowledge of math and algebra is essential.

Is algebra two a college requirement?

In a way yes, Algebra 2 is essential in order for you to comprehend topics which will be in algebra. Such as finding the slope of perpendicular lines and parallel lines, those topics are presented to you in Algebra 2 and if you understand them at least 45% then by the time you get to college algebra that knowledge will be reinforced

What is a fluid engineer?

A Fluid Engineer is the one who studies and applies its knowledge of fluid dynamics and hydrodynamics. Its line of work is essential in the maintenance and making of dams and even on the extraction of gas and oil from the earth.

Why should Algebra be taught in middle school and high school?

Algebra is essential in life!

How can an engineer serve his community?

By passing on his knowledge.

How does algebra help with jobs?

Lets say if your an engineer and you need to measure something.You use algebra.Lets say if ur a scientist and you need to do a fancy use algebra. Excuse me, i need to do my algebra.

How much math is required to become a engineer?

calculus algebra basic aritmathic and statistics

What is a job that you would use algebra?

There are lots of them. One of them is engineer, another is math teacher.

What type of math use in petroleum engineer?

Arithmetic,Algebra,Geometry,Calculus and Statistics

Can electronics engineer be a software engineer?

yesBut we cant expect the same knowledge in programming sector.

How difficult is the college algebra clep test?

College Algebra is a specific subject test, so you will need Algebra knowledge. However, if you have high school Algebra II level knowledge, it shouldn't be a problem for you. My only preparation for that exam was a high school Algebra II course. **Full Disclosure* I am an employee of, a 100% Guaranteed CLEP exam preparation site.*