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Q: Why is math important as a midwife?
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How do you use math if you are a midwife?

Count the number of contractions in 15 seconds, then multiply by four to get the contractions per minute.

What is the importance of contemporary math for the student?

math is important very important so any kind of math is important even contemporary.

What is an important math tool?

calculators and rulers are important math tools

Why is math important in your daily routine?

well, math is important in many ways! when you go to a store, you need to know math. that is one example. there are many other ways which math is important. it is important all over the world. math is part of life!

What are midwife assistants do?

The midwife assistants assist the midwife.

The most important math concept?

The most important math concept is the idea of zero.

Is it important to know basic math skills to be a doctor?

yes.very important. math and science

What is the best way to deliver a baby?

The best way to deliver a baby at home is to make arrangements with a trained midwife. It's extremely important to have a knowledgeable person in attendance. There are different kinds of midwife; a nurse-midwife and a midwife. A nurse-midwife is a trained nurse with the additional training to specialize in midwifery and delivering babies; midwives who are not nurses have varying degrees of training, depending on the requirements where you live (or plan to have the baby). It is as important to find an appropriate midwife as early in your pregnancy as possible as it is to visit a doctor from early in your pregnancy. In addition to a doctor's advice, a midwife needs to evaluate if you are a good candidate for home delivery or if there are reasons that she would only deliver in a hospital setting. To help you get started, visit the link below for information on midwives and their services and responsibilities and how to find a midwife.

What is math 6?

why is year 6 math important

What is the most important thing in math?

Everything is the most important thing in math. You are going to need math when you are older or to help you with your job now.

Is math not important?

depends on your ethical view of life. math is very important. it is used in everyday life

What is consumer math important in our society?

Consumer math is important so that individuals can do their budgeting, taxes and investing.