Why is math named math?

Updated: 8/21/2019
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Math is named after the Greek word "mathēmatikē".

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Q: Why is math named math?
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Why is math math?

Because it has to be named maths. It looks like you hate maths

What is Percy Jackson's math teacher named?

Mrs. Dodds

Is jacobian a math term?

Yes, named after the mathematician Jacobi.

Why and who created math PI?

some hobo named jenny Craig some hobo named jenny Craig

What math word can't be measured and is named by 2 of its point?

A line.

What is the school named after Emmett Till?

Emmett Louis Till Math And Science Academy

What award in mathematics was founded in 1936 and named after a Canadian math professor?

The Fields Medal.

Best math teacher in tha world?

There are so many great math teachers it would be difficult to choose the best math teacher in the world. One of my personal favorites, however, is a math teacher in Toledo Ohio, named Mrs. Hillis.

What rhymes with chewy that you can find that is related to math?

There was a decimal system by a man named Dewey. I dropped some jelly on my math homework and it got all gooey. I put a firecracker in my math book and it went kablooey.

What does y mean in spanish math problem?

In Spanish y means and, but in math it refers to the vertical line(named y) on an x and y chart or is just a variable.

Why is Chicago Bears team named that?

Because there was once a magical bear from Chicago named Ben. He saved the town from alot of seagull attacks. He loved Math, And his calculator.

Riddles why is Tuesday the favorite day for math teachers?

It is the only day that was named after a number