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Because I/10 = 0.1 and 1/100 = 0.01 which is the smallest

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Q: Why is one-tenth larger than one hundredth?
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Is one hundredth larger than ten hundredth?


Is seven hundredths smaller than one hundredth?

No, seven hundredths is seven times larger than one hundredth

Which is larger 1.00 or 1.01?

1.01, it is one hundredth bigger than 1.00.

Is one tenth larger than one hundredth?

Well think about this, would you rather have one tenth of a dollar or one one hundredth of a dollar? In other words YES

What is larger a meter or hectometer?

One metre is one hundredth of a hectometre.

Which is bigger one thousandth or one hundredth?

One hundredth is larger than one thousandth. The first divides an item into 100 sections, while the second would divide the item into 1000 sections (ten times smaller than the first).

How many times lager is a centigram then a milligram?

A centigram is one hundredth of a gram and is ten times larger than a milligram.How_many_times_larger_is_a_centigram_than_a_milligram

How many times is one hundred larger than one hundredth?

ten thousand times (divide 100 by .01, giving 10,000)

What is onetenth take away from one?

1 - 1/10 = 9/10

How many times larger is a centigram than a milligram?

A centigram is one hundredth of a gram and is ten times larger than a milligram because centi- means one hundredth and milli- means one thousandth. From largest to smallest here are the metric prefixes hecto deka basic unit deci centi milli

Why is a tenth larger than a hundredth?

Break something up into ten equal pieces. Each of those pieces will be larger than if you broke the same thing up into one hundred equal pieces.

What is one hundredth more than one?


Why do you round to the nearest hundredth?

Because I can't be bothered with things smaller than one hundredth.

What is one hundredth more than 5?


What is one-hundredth more than 6?


What is one hundredth more than 8.365?


What is one hundredth greater than 4.17?


What is one hundredth less than 4.00?

Since a hundredth is 0.01 , we have to subtract 0.01 from 4.00 The answer is 3.99

Is tenths bigger than hundredth?

yes. one tenth is 10 percent of something. one-hundredth is 1 percent of something.

How do you write one hundredth greater than 4.59?

In 4.59 the 9 is 9 hundredth. So increasing by 1 hundredth, the numbers become 4.60

What is One Hundredth Of A Lev?

one hundredth.

Is ten and one hundredth less than 10.100?

is ten and one hundreth more than 10.100

What is a prefix for one hundredth?

The common prefix for one hundredth is centi. For example, one hundredth of a metre is one centimetre. One hundredth of a gram is one centigram.

How a tenth is related to a hundredth?

One tenth is ten times bigger than one hundredth. That is 1/10 = 10 x 1/100.

How many times lager is 0.01 then 0.000001?

The number 0.01 is 10000 larger than the number 0.000001. It can also be expressed as 1%, the fraction 1 over 100, or verbally as 'one one-hundredth.'