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They are called square numbers because they can form a square and the square is one number times itself.

They are called square numbers because they represent the area of a square with integer sidelengths.

Example: 49. 49 is the area of a 7x7 square, so 49 is a square number.

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Q: Why is square numbers called square numbers?
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Why are the numbers called square numbers?

When a number is multiplied by itself it is called the square of the number. It is called a square number as the number of dots or points represented by the number can be arranged in a square.

What are numbers multiplied by themselves called?

square numbers

What are Numbers that can be multiplied by themselves?

They are called square numbers.

Why are some numbers called square roots?

they are called square numbers because, the numbers that are being multiplied by itself(5x5=25)would equal its' sum OR answer. These numbers would be a perfect square.

What are positive square roots called?

They are called real numbers. Negative square roots must be complex numbers.

Numbers that are squares of integers are called?

Square numbers * * * * * Although "perfect square numbers" is more descriptive.

Why are the prime numbers called square numberrs?

They're not. Prime numbers and square numbers are different things.

Why are square numbers called square numbers?

Square numbers are the result of squaring an integer. Squaring means multiplying a number by itself, and this, in turn, is called thus because of the way the area of a square is calculated.

What are rational numbers whose square roots are whole numbers called?

Rational numbers whose square roots are whole numbers are themselves whole numbers. They are called square numbers, e.g. 1, 4, 9, 16, 25 and so on.

What are numbers called?

Those are all square numbers.

What are the numbers that have an odd number of factors called?

Square numbers

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