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Because 9 - 7 does not equal 7 - 9.

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Is subtraction of integers commutative?

It is no commutative.

Is x-1 equal to 1-x?

No. Subtraction is not commutative.No. Subtraction is not commutative.No. Subtraction is not commutative.No. Subtraction is not commutative.

What is subtraction commutative or associative?

Subtraction is neither commutative nor associative.

Is subtraction a commutative?


Which operations on integers are commutative?

Addition and multiplication are operations on integers that are commutative.

What is a counter example to prove subtraction of integers is no commutative?

5-(-2-3)=10 [5-(-2)]-3=4

Is vector subtraction commutative?

No, it is not.

Is there a commutative property for subtraction?


Does the subtraction of two vectors obey the commutative law?

Yes subtraction of vector obeys commutative law because in subtraction of vector we apply head to tail rule

How does Commutative Property work with subtraction?


What is the operations commutative?

division and subtraction

Is subtraction commutative justify your answer?


Does commutative property hold in subtraction?


Does commutative property apply to subtraction?


Does the commutative property work for subtraction?


Is subtraction commutative Why?

No, subtraction is not commutative. If you take the expression 9 - 4, you can't rearrange it because 9 - 4 does not equal 4 - 9.

Why doesn't the commutative property work for subtraction?

you can not use commutative property for subtraction because if you switch them around you will end up with a negative number.

How is subtraction rational numbers different from adding?

Subtraction is not commutative nor associative.

Are there commutative and associative properties for Subtraction and division?


Is commutative law applicable to vector subtraction?


Which math operations are not commutative?

Subtraction and division.

Is there commutative property of subtraction for rational numbers?

No, there is not.

Which two operations can NOT be used with the commutative property?

Division and subtraction cannot be used with the commutative property.

Do you use the commutative property in subtraction?

it depends how the operation is

Why is there no commutative property for subtraction or division?

It doesnt exist

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