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Q: Why is the 2nd grade a special grade?
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2nd grade or second grade?

It is second grade or you can say 2nd grade.

What grade is scout in at the end of the novel?

She is in 2nd grade.

What grade would a seven year old be in?

1st-2nd grade

What grade has 2nd to fifth grade?

No grade has 6th grade to 5th grade, sorry.

What grade in school are back obama's kids?

5th grade and 1st or 2nd grade

What grade has second to 8th grade?

i think that the answer is 4th grade even thou I'm only in 2nd grade

What rhymes with first grade?

parade, 2nd grade, band aid

What grade are 7 year olds supposed to be in?

1st or 2nd grade

What grade is a 7-8 year old in?

2nd-3rd grade.

What is the average grade given when your first quarter grade is a 'C' and your 2nd quarter grade is an 'A'?

You will get a 80% (B-)

What grade would you be in if you are 7?

usually 1st or 2nd grade, depending on when your birthday is

What grade would a child age 8 be in?

2nd or 3rd grade usually.