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Q: Why is the diverging angle smaller than the converging angle for a venturimeter?
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Why the diverging angle is smaller than converging angle for a venturimeter?

If the angle is greater than that, the pressure increases too quickly and the adverse pressure gradient will cause flow separation along the walls. By keeping the angle small, the flow remains attached and behaves nicely.

What happens to the path of light as it strikes a mirror and then a hand lens?

When light strikes a mirror, it undergoes reflection, bouncing off at the same angle it struck the mirror. When this reflected light then passes through a hand lens, it is refracted (bent) due to the curvature of the lens, converging or diverging based on the shape and focal length of the lens.

Why does right outside view mirror message say objects may appear closer?

It is because from the point of view of the driver, the virtual image created by the convex (diverging) mirror subtends a smaller angle than a plane mirror.

What angle is smaller than a right angle?

acute angle

An angle that measures smaller than 90 degrees?

A angle that is smaller than 90 degrees is an acute angle.

Is it possible to make an angle smaller by making the arms shorter In geometry?

No. You can only make the angle smaller by moving the arms closer together so they create a smaller angle. Shortening the arms of an angle will keep the angle the same. However, you could make the angle smaller anddd shorten the arms if you would like, but making the arms shorter is not what makes the angle smaller.

Smaller than a right angle?

An angle smaller than a right angle - is an acute angle. Larger than a right angle, but smaller than 180 degrees is an obtuse angle. Angles between 180 and 360 degrees are reflex angles.

Is an oblique angle bigger than a right angle or smaller?

It can be bigger or smaller, but not equal to.

Is the interior angle of a pentagon smaller or larger than the interior angle of a hexagon?


Is there any angle smaller then an acute angle?


Construction of venturi meter?

The following are the main parts and areas of venture meter:The entry of the venture is cylindrical in shape to match the size of the pipe through which fluid flows. This enables the venture to be fitted to the pipe.After the entry, there is a converging conical section with an included angle of 19' to 23'.Following the converging section, there is a cylindrical section with minimum area called as the throat.After the throat, there is a diverging conical section with an included angle of 5' to 15'.Openings are provided at the entry and throat (at sections 1 and 2 in the diagram) of the venture meter for attaching a differential pressure sensor (u-tube manometer, differential pressure gauge, etc) as shown in diagram.

What is a acute angle in geometry?

acute angle IS SMALLER tHAN a Right Angle so it is Graeater than 0degree but Smaller than 90degree