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It is no more special than other numbers - and no less.

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Q: Why is the number 14 special?
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What does the number 14 mean in the world?

The number has no special significance.

What was the date of manufacture of a Smith Wesson 38 special serial number K877108 MOD 14-3?


Is there a special meaning for 14?

No, there is not.

What is the quotient of 14 and a number?

14/n where n is the number.14/n where n is the number.14/n where n is the number.14/n where n is the number.

Why number 7 is a special number?

number 7 is a special number because it is my b-day

What model is a Smith and Wesson 38 special ctg pistol with a serial number K84790?

Smith&Wesson model 14

What is the special on February 14?

it is what you won't

What is the production year of a smith Wesson model 14 2 38 special ctg with a serial number of 73389?

The 14-2 was made from 1961-67. The sn is on the butt.

What is 28 divided by 2?


Is 14 an irrational number?

No, 14 is a rational number.

Is 14 a irrational number?

No, 14 is not an irrational number.

Is -14 a reasonable number?

-14 is a rational number

Is 14 prime or composite number?

No 14 is a composite number (1,2,7,and 14 :) )

What are the release dates for The Midnight Special - 1972 1979-12-14?

The Midnight Special - 1972 1979-12-14 was released on: USA: 14 December 1979

What is things special about the number 2?

The number 2 is 'special' because it is the only prime number that is even.

What is special about the number seven?

there is nothing special about the number seven it was probably random or the creators fa number

Is 14 a prime number or a composite number?

14 is not prime. 14 = 2 * 7

What is the value of a Smith Wesson 38 special 6 bullet revolver model number 14 in excellent condition?

100-425 USD

Where is the Model number on a S W 38 Special Revolver?

It could be one of many; 10, 12, 14, 15 to name a few.

What number times 14 gives you 75?

It is 75/14 times 14 = 75

Neutrons in carbon-14?

mass number - atomic number = number of neutrons Mass number of carbon-14 is 14. The atomic number of carbon is 6. Calculation: 14 - 6 = 8 neutrons.

The quotient of a number and 14 is 8?

The quotient of a number and 14 is 8. Find the number.

What is special about a prime number?

A prime number is a special number because it has only two factors which are itself and one.

The sum of a number and 14?


The number 14 in the name carbon 14 represents what?

The atomic number