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It was named after a pentagon, it wasn't the 'Pentagon' that named the 'pentagon'.

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Q: Why is the pentagon US shaped like a pentagon?
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Related questions

What does the military pentagon have to do with geometry?

Only that it is shaped like a pentagon.

Why does the pentagon has the name of pentagon?

Because it's shaped like a pentagon. A pentagon is a five-sized shape.

What is a real life object shaped like a pentagon?

The Pentagon in Washington is obviously shaped like a pentagon. Black shapes on soccer balls, some road signs and the home plate on a baseball field are all pentagonal shaped objects.

School signs are shaped like?

Pentagon/ school house

Which constellation is shaped like a pentagon?


What object is shaped like a pentagon?

The Pentagon building and there are pentagons on soccer balls.

What does the pentagon look like?

it look like a big huge ginormous pentagon shaped building stupid its in the name

Name of a building that is shaped like a polygon?

The Pentagon is a famous building that has an unusual shape, that of a pentagon or 5-sided polygon. But most buildings are shaped like polygons. It is just that they are shaped like rectangles and squares, which are also polygons.

A sign shaped like a pentagon is a?

Stop sign?

What organisms are shaped like a pentagon?

starfish and flowers

Which is the pentagon building of USA?

The building that's shaped like a pentagon.

What geometric shape was FtSumter?

It is a pentagon, but not a regular pentagon- it is shaped like home plate for baseball or softfball.

What government building is shaped like a regular polygon?

the pentagon

What are things shaped like a pentagon?

5 sided shapes

What is a polygon shaped like a house with a roof?

a pentagon with two adjacent right angles

Is baseball home plate a pentagon?

Yes, even though home plate is not shaped like an equal-sided pentagon, it is still a pentagon because it has five sides, just like a square is a rectangle.

What is something shaped as a pentagon?

House or The Pentagon in washington

School signs are shaped like what?

a house That shape is also called a pentagon.

What is the only road sign shaped like a pentagon?

Children Crossing/ a school warning sign

Where is the pentagon located and why is it name the pentagon?

It's located right outside Washington DC in the State of Virginia. And you search for a picture of it, you'll see it's shaped like a Pentagon.

Why did you name it the pntagon?

A pentagon is a geometrical shape with five sides and five angles. "Penta-" is Greek for 5. The US Department of Defense building in Washington, D>C> is shaped like a pentagon and thus has that name.

What are items around the house shaped like a pentagon?

The items around the house that are shaped like a pentagon will vary depending on what is in your house. Some common examples are table lamp bases, some wristwatches, the pattern on a soccer ball, the tops of keys, etc.

Is the Empire State Building a pentagon?

No; it is square-shaped, like any ordinary building.

What is the US shaped like?

it is shaped like a whale

How many sides does the us pentagon have?

5 sides just like the shape pentagon