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They are all very similar, some just have slight deviants from the general scientific procedure for some reason.

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Q: Why is there more than one scientific procedure?
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Would you type procedures or procedure s when it can be one or more?

Procedure if only one step. Procedures if more than one step.

Is more than one teeth whitening procedure necessary?


Can organisms have more than one scientific name?


Is the Observation of a natural event by more than one human or scientific instrument the basis of the scientific method?


Can the scientific name of an organism have more than one species name?


What is a scientific calculator?

Scientific calculators have more functions than normal ones. Here's a picture of the one I use and would recommend.

Why is it important to look at more than one source when you are researching a scientific issue?

gives you a better awnser.

Indiana rabbits scientific name?

There is more than one species of rabbit in Indiana, and each species has its own scientific name. One example of a rabbit found in Indiana is the Swamp Rabbit, which has the scientific name Sylvilagus aquaticus.

What is the flatworm's scientific name?

The flatworm's scientific name (or at least its Phylum) is Platyhelminthes. I can't give you the real scientific name (which is the genus and species) because there are more than one species of flatworm.

Why are scientific names better than common names?

They are more exact. Often there is more than one common name but usually only one scientific name.For example a clown fish is a common name for many different type of fish.However if I say Amphiprion ocellaris, then it means only one thing.

What are two advantages of using scientific names for organisms?

The two advantages of using scientific names for organisms include their universality in the whole world since they are Latin, and no single organism can have more than one scientific name.

What is the scientific name for a condenser?

Well, there's more than one kind of condenser, and your answer might depend upon which you are referring to.

What is a question that is testable in a scientific investigation?

One question would be: are cats more active at night than during the day?

Where can I find more about the medical procedure involving vascular surgery?

One can find more about the medical procedure involving vascular surgery by seeing their family doctor. One can also find out about medical procedure on sites like heel that pain.

What is the scientific difference between a mixture and a compound Can one of them be separated while the other can't?

A mixture consists of more than one elements or compounds INTERMOLECULARLY bonded. A compound consists of more than one element INTRAMOLECULARLY bonded.

Why is it important to only test ONE variable at a time in s scientific investigation?

If you test more than one variable you don't know which one caused the changes.

What is the scientific name for piranhas?

There is more than one species of piranha, so the question cannot be answered unless it can give the name of a more specific animal.

What is the scientific name for a barrel cactus?

Ferocactus, but there is more than one type so each type will have a different second name.

What is correct When more than one is or When more than one are?

'when more than one are' is the correct phrase.

What happens when more than one variable changes during a scientific experiment?

The outcome of the experiment may not be linked to any one specific variable.

What is the scientific word for the eye?

The oculus - the organ of sight, or optic (means pertains to).

What happens if more than one hypothesis is put forward to explain the same observation?

For a hypothesis to be put forward as a scientific hypothesis, the scientific method requires that one can test it. A working hypothesis is a provisionally accepted hypothesis proposed for further research.

What does it mean to say a scientific question must be repeatable?

The word repeatable means that it can occur again. In the case of a scientific question, you must be able to reproduce the experiment more than one time to prove it's not just a one-time occurrence.

What is more than one cell?

more than one cell is multicellular. For example, we are multicellular we have more than one cell.

Scientific name for starfish?

There are more than 2000 species of starfish, thus there is not one single scientific name for starfish. However, all starfish are grouped into the echinoderm class called Asteroidea.