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because ultrasound is not radiation

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Q: Why is ultrasound less dangerous than x rays?
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Why ultrasound rather than x ray is used to scan expectant mother?

The sonic waves of ultrasound carry much less energy than those x-rays, that are almost as energetic as radioactive rays. X-ray is therefore, compared to ultrasound, somewhat more dangerous and its usage should be avoided, especially when very sensible organic material like an unborn child is concerned.

Why use ultrasound and not xray?

xrays are more dangerous than ultrasound

Are X-rays less dangerous to health than ultraviolet radiation?

No, they are not. X-rays have a higher energy than UV radiation, and they have the potential to do more damage to tissue.

Are gamma rays more dangerous than x rays?

Yes, of course.

Why is ultrasound less dangerous than x-rays?

I believe it is because ultrasound uses sound waves whereas x-rays are a form of ionizing radiation. (Ionizing radiation is radiation with enough energy to remove electrons from their orbit around a nucleus.) However, with today's advances in x-ray protection X-rays are not generally harmful unless in excessive amounts. Medical radiation (for the average individual) accounts for only 11% of the irradiation received over our lifetime. There are tons of consumer products (exit signs and skin lotions, for example) that expose us to radiation. Not to mention the sun... Anyway, my point is that ultrasound is probably safer than X-rays. But it is also important to know that the type of diagnostic information produced by each is different and if your doctor recommends you get an xray, don't insult him by suggesting an ultrasound instead. :)

Why is gamma radiation from atomic bombs more dangerous than X Rays?

gamma is always more dangerous than x-rays, as it is more energetic thus causing more ionization.

How do infrared rays compare with x rays?

Infrared rays have longer wavelength and lower frequency than x-rays. They carry less energy, and have less penetrating capacity.

Why are x-rays and gamma rays more dangerous to humans than radio waves?

they have much higher hz

What is the standard size of a ultrasound room?

accepted is not less than 7 sqm.

Why are ultrasound waves used for pre natal scanning rather than x rays?

Because of safety of the fetus, and x-rays really only give an idea of bone structure , whilst ultrasound gives us an indication of lung and heartdevelopment. :)

Why are the sun's rays more dangerous on the moon than on earth?

Because the Moon has no atmosphere to filter out dangerous radiation.

Which is more dangerous uv or x-rays?

X-rays are more dangerous as they have a higher energy than UV radiation. The higher the energy, the more potential for DNA damage.

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