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basically zero is neutral, because its nor positive nor negative. its also in between positive and negative integers.

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Q: Why is zero neutral?
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Is zero a positive a negative or neutral?

It is considered neutral as it has no value.

What will be the charge of a neutral atom?

A neutral atom will have a charge of ZERO

Has a zero or neutral charge and found in the nucleus of an atom?

A neutron has a zero or neutral charge and is found in the nucleus of an atom.

What are the neutral charges?

"Neutral charge" doesn't exist; the meaning of neutral is zero electrical charge.

Is a neutron negativaly charged?

No; the name "neutron" is derived from its elecrical charge, which is zero (i.e., it is electrically neutral).No; the name "neutron" is derived from its elecrical charge, which is zero (i.e., it is electrically neutral).No; the name "neutron" is derived from its elecrical charge, which is zero (i.e., it is electrically neutral).No; the name "neutron" is derived from its elecrical charge, which is zero (i.e., it is electrically neutral).

If an atom has both positive and negative particles how can it be neutral?

Neutral is when the charge is zero. In the atom the sum of the positive and negative charges add to zero, thus making the atom neutral.

Is the charge on a neutral chlorine atom zero?

Yes. That is what it means to be electrically neutral.

How Can Atoms Be Neutral if they are made up of changed particles?

The Atom is neutral because the charged particles sum to zero,m thus neutral. The positive charges are in the nucleus and the negative particles are the electrons. The sum is zero and the atom is neutral.

What is the overall charge of the neutral Atom?

As the tern neutral might imply, the overall charge of a neutral atomis zero.

What should the charge be on a neutral molecule?

the answer is zero

Oxidation number of a neutral element?


What in elements have zero neutral charge?


When the oxidation number is zero?

When the compound is neutral

How does atom have a neutral charge?

because the other electrons zero it out and which becomes a neutral charge

Could a neutral wire be powered?

There should be zero voltage between neutral and ground.

Why neutral have zero voltage?

Your question should read, 'Why does a neutral have zero potential?' 'Voltage' means 'potential difference', and you cannot have a potential difference at a single point. A neutral doesn't necessarily have zero potential although it is connected to earth (ground). This is because the potential of earth isn't literally zero; it's just considered to be zero, in the same way that sea level is considered to be zero in terms of height. Furthermore, there is often a voltage drop between the neutral and earth -in which case, the potential of the neutral can be several volts higher than the potential of earth.

Is negative zero a real number?

no because zero isn't positive or negative it is neutral

What is electrical charge in a neutral atom?

Neutral atoms always have a net charge of 0(zero).

What is the sum of the oxidation number in a neutral compound?


The sum of the oxidation numbers in a neutral compound?


What is the total charge on a neutral atom?

Zero, of course !

Is zero positive?

No. Zero is neither positive nor negative. You might think of it as being neutral.

When the total charge on an object is zero the object is electrically what?

The object with zero charge is electrically neutral.

Why voltage at neutral in ckt is zero?

You really should be asking why the potential of neutral is zero. 'Voltage' means 'potential difference' which, by definition, cannot exist at at point. The reason is that the neutral conductor is earthed (grounded), and earth is, by general consent, considered to have a potential of zero volts. In practise, however, there is usually a small voltage drop between the neutral and earth, so it would be more accurate to say that the neutral's potential is close to zero.

What is zero position?

Zero position is when you are a neutral party... You aren't rooting for this team.. Nor are you rooting for the others...