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it represent the color of the moon

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Q: Why might blue represent infinity?
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What does blue color represent?

infinity...but y

Does color blue represent the sky?

no the color blue reprensents infinity but i dont know why

What does a sideways 8 in math represent?

it's the symbol for infinity

What is the purpose of symbol of infinity?

To express the idea of infinity.

In Hinduism what is the color of infinity?

The blue color symbolizes infinity.

How many kinds of infinities are there?

usually infinity is undefined quantity but in some cases like number line we represent positive infinity and negative infinity

How do you say infinity in Hebrew?

ein'sof and so in certain fields of mathematics the Hebrew letter "alef" - can represent infinity

What is the biggest number that MATLAB can represent?

It has been awhile, but if I recall, I think it has a way to represent infinity. But infinity is a concept, not an actual number. I am sure that their website would list the specs, though.

What color representing blue?

infinity...but y

Is infinity a limit?

By definition, infinity is not and does not have a limit. It is value which mathematicians have created to represent something too extensively large for the human mind to comprehend.

What is infinity times infinity minus infinity?

Firstly, infinity is not a number (at least in lower level mathematics). You must instead use the language of limits to describe infinity. Using limits, a function which diverges to infinity multiplied by a function which diverges to infinity has a product which also diverges to infinity. However, taking this product, and subtracting away a function which diverges to infinity is "of indeterminate form". It might converge to zero, it might be diverge to positive infinity, it might diverge to negative infinity, or it might converge to a constant. In order to figure out which one of these possibilities applies, you must get the indeterminate form into the form infinity divided by infinity or 0/0 and then apply L'Hospital's rule. Edit: Just a pet peeve of mine. It's L'Hôpital, not L'Hospital. Even textbooks don't spell it right.

What is pi times infinity?

infinity. anything times infinity is infinity (with the exception of indeterminant forms like infinity/infinity)

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