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Q: Why might it be convenient to name circles after two points?
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Name two convenient fixed points for checking the calibration of the temperature in the temperature range 250 kelvin to 400 kelvin?

Freezing and boiling points of water.

Name a reason why someone might prefer to eat at a drive through?

Convenient, Fast, Good Food, Open late

What does it mean by name an angle three ways?

For example, you might name an angle as "ABC", where "B" is the vertex, and "A" and "C" are points lying on the sides of the angle. If there are additional points on the same sides, you can substitute those points instead.

What is the name of the tool used to draw circles?

To draw circles you need to use a compass

What is another name for zero reference or zero points in mathematics?

You might be thinking of the word origin.

What is the name of turning in circles?


What is Victor's dad's name in the Native American movie Smoke Circles?

In Smoke Circles, Victor's dad's name is Arnold Joseph.

What are the unis scientists use for circles called?

The name for the units scientists use for circles are degrees.

Name the properties associated with the angles and arcs of circles?

The properties associated with the angles of a circle is the amount of rotation about the point of intersection of two lines in order to make one line into correspondence with the other. The arc of a circle consists of two points on the circle and all of the points on the circle lie between those two points.

What is the name of ancient stone circles?


What is the name of an instrument for drawing circles?

a compass

What is another name for bags under the eyes?

Periorbital dark circles , (also dark circles or raccoon attack).