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A person might choose a folding kitchen step stool instead of one that doesn't fold because it takes up less space in the kitchen and they're less likely to trip over it and spill something.

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Q: Why might one choose a folding kitchen step stool over one that does not fold?
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What is a campstool?

A campstool is a portable folding stool.

Does Wal-Mart carry any cheap folding counter stools?

Wal-Mart sells a $12 folding kitchen counter stool, which is metal and has a thin fabric cover on the seat. Here is a photo:

What is the purpose of a counter stool?

A counter stool is generally shorter than a bar stool, as a counter will have a lower height than a bar will. A normal counter stool for a kitchen will be around 24-26 inches, in order to meet the height of an average kitchen counter.

What is the standard overhang for kitchen counter to fit a bar stool?

kitchen counter overhang

My kids are having a hard time reaching the kitchen counter, what size stools should I be looking at?

The height of the stool should be no more than six inches. The stool should have a wide, solid base rather than legs. Choose a stool that's weighty (wood) rather than lightweight (plastic). Work with the child on how to use the stool. Very young kids forget they are standing on a stool and then step off and fall.

What size bar stool for a 36 inch kitchen island?

You'll need between 21 and 25 inches for each stool, depending on the width of the stool.

What can one expect to pay online for a folding step stool?

Folding step stools range anywhere from nine US dollars at Newegg to thirty US dollars at Camping World. The price of folding step stools depend on the brand, height, and material it is made of.

What is the best brand of stepping stool?

Cottage Cove "Pure White" Butcher Block Gathering Kitchen Island is the best brand of stepping stool

Where can one shop for a folding stool?

Folding stools can be bought from hardware stores, furniture stores, department stores or discount stores such as WalMart. Generally these stools will be located in the hardware section and will be manufactured from light metals.

Where can someone find an inexpensive kitchen stool?

Finding an expensive kitchen stool is easy. Looking at outlets is a good place to start. Also searching at garage sales and flea markets is a gold mind. Want new/ try Ikea or Walmart.

What type of wooden counter stool should I get for my kitchen?

Their are many wooden stools that would go great in a kitchen. You can research possible buying options from

Is a 1 meter kitchen stool larger than a 10 meter one?

No, it's 10 times less