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A whole circle is 360 degrees or 2*pi radians.

360 degrees = 2*pi radians

so that 1 degree = pi/180 radians

This gives the conversion factor of pi/180 to convert degrees to radians.

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Q: Why multiply degree to pi by 180 to convert it to radian?
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Related questions

How do you convert degree measures into radian measures?

Multiply the degree measure by (1/(180 times pi))

Change to radian measure negative 95 degree?

You must multiply that by pi/180, to convert to radians.

What are the formulas that include the changes of degree to radian?

To convert from degrees to radians, multiply the number of degrees by (pi / 180). Pi is approximately 3.1416.

Convert from radian measure to degree measure?

Degrees = (180/pi)*Radians

How do you change radions to degrees and degrees to radians?

360o = 2*pi*radians or 180o = pi*radiansConvert 7*pi/15 radians to degrees1 radian = 180o/piTherefore: 7*pi/15 radians = 7*pi/15*180/pi = 84 degreesConvert 84 degrees to radians1o = pi/180 radianTherefore: 84o = 84*pi/180 radians = 7*pi/15 radians.Hint: pi always in radian and 180 always in degree. They are equivalents (not equal) to each other.To convert from radians into degree, first erase radian by dividing the given value by pi radian and then multiply the ratio got by 180 deg.Same way to convert from degree into radian, first erase degree by dividing the given value by 180 and then multiply the ratio got by pi radian.So interesting! Is it not?

How do you change trigonometry value into a degree?

You want to change radian to degrees. To change radian to degree, multiply the radian by 180 and divide by PI, where PI=3.14159. For example 2 radians = 2 (180)/3.14159 = 114.59 degrees.

How do you convert angles to radian measure?

180 degrees = 1 pi radian. That means that there are 2 pi radians in a circle. Divide the number of degrees by 180 and you get the pi radians. You can also multiply the pi radians by 180 and get the number of degrees.

How to convert degree to radian?

n degrees = n*tau/360 or n*pi/180 radians.

How do you convert radian into degree?

r radians = r*360/tau or r*180/pi degrees.

What is the ansere to degree conversion?

That depends what the question is. To convert radians to degrees, you multiply by (180 / pi). To convert degrees to radians, you multiply by (pi / 180).

How do you convert degree measure to radians?

Tiesonthewall:If you were converting from degree to radians, you would actually multiply the value of degrees by* π/180 If you were converting from radians to degrees, you would multiply the radians value by:* 180/πDivide by 180° and multiply by pi.

What is the formula for converting 15 degrees to radian?

1 degree = pi*radian/180 So therefore 15 times pi*radian/180 = pi*radian/12

How do you convert degrees to radian?

Degrees* pi /180

How do you convert radians into degree in c language?

You can multiply the number of radians by 180/pi.

How does radian measure is related to degree measure?

In radian measure, 2pi radians is a full circle. In degrees, 360° is a full circle, so 2pi radians = 360°. If you want to convert: Radians = (2*pi/360)*Degrees = (pi/180)*degrees. And Degrees = (180/pi)*Radians.

How to convert radian measure to degree measure?

1 rad = 180°/pi Example: 1.6 rad = 1.6(180°/pi) 1.6 rad = 2880°/pi

What is a radian i.e measures of circular arcs according to mathematics?

A radian measures the degree of the arc. For instance, π radians is 180°. Then, the arc with π radians measures 180°.

How do you convert angles from degrees to radians?

multiply the degree by (pi/180)

How do you do coterminal angles with radian measure?

The same way as with degrees. All you have to know is how to convert degrees from radians and radians from degrees.... this is how you do it... radians= pi/180 degrees= 180/pi to get angles from degrees to radians you multiply the angle that is measured in degrees by pi/180. to get angles from radians to degrees you multiply the angle that is measured in radians by 180/pi. pi=3.14

What is the relation of radian and degree?

1 rad = 180/pi degrees = 180/3.14159 = 57.3 degrees

How many radians are equivalent to 115 degrees?

Answer: 1 radian = 57.2958 degrees, so 115 / 57.2958 = 2.007 radians Answer: To convert degrees to radians, multiply by (pi/180).

What radian measure is equivalent to negative 15 degrees?

To convert from degrees to radians, you can multiply by (pi / 180). Or use the Excel function to convert from degrees to radians. I am not sure about the name; you can find it under math functions.

One degree is equal to how many radians?

One degee = (pi/180)*radian

How to Convert radian to degree if radian over 3?

k radians = k*180/pi degrees. If the result is less than 0 degrees or greater than 360 degrees, then you can usually add or subtract 360 degrees as many times as you like so as to bring the answer into the required interval.

What is the radian measure of a 315 angle?

As 180° = a straight angle = π radians → to convert degrees to radians divide by 180° and multiply by π radians → 315° = 315° ÷ 180° × π radians = 7π/4 radians ≈ 5.50 radians.

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