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Q: Why odd numbers of fingers used in fbd finger bags?
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What fingers used 10 pin bowling?

the fingers used in bowling are the middle and ring finger on your dominate hand.

Which fingers are used for the space bars?

the space bar is typed with what finger

Why are fingers called digits?

Fingers and toes are called digits because of the Latin word digitus used for a finger or toe. The term came into use in mathematics because of convenient value of 10 digits corresponding with 10 numbers.

Why the middle finger is only used in percussion of the thorax?

middle finger longer than the rest of the fingers commonly , so it is used to tap

Which fingers are used in maxwell's left hand rule?

The thumb, the index finger and the middle finger.

Which fingers are most commonly used for microsampling?

pointer finger, but it really doesnt matter

When did finger boards come out?

if your refering to giveing the fingers as in the two fingers in gusture to tell some one to F Off, it can from the medievil ages i think from bow men from the English used to get their fingers cut off, if captured and the oposition used to give the fingers to the bow men to symbolise that thay have their to fringers and your going to get your finger cut off.

What fingers are used for enter on computer?

Generally you use your pinky

What does digits mean?

Digit is from the latin meaning finger (or toe). There is an assumption that it became used for numbers between 1 and 9 because people counted on their fingers, which has a certain amount of logic to it. Mark Dockrell

Another name for finger protector?

An item used for protecting the tips of the fingers is a thimble. A thimble is a dimpled cap which fits over the end of the finger or thumb. It is usually used during sewing, to protect the finger or thumb from the needle.

Why three fingers are used for checking pulse rate?

of the three fingers the forefinger nd the ring figer are used to occclude the artery nd the middle finger is helpful in measuring the pulse rate

What device is used for adding and subtracting numbers?

Either a calculator or an abacus. If not, your fingers.