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It is but a convention. In theory, you can put the number scale in any orientation.

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Q: Why positive number is on right side of number scale?
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What is Positive zero error?

if the zero of vernier scale lies on the right side of the zero of the main scale , then error is known as a positive error .

What is The opposite of a negative number and why?

positive number because on a scale of zero, the negatives are going to the left side and the opposite side has the same number but opposite, in this case, negative 4 is the opposite of 4

Will an absolute value be graphed on the positive or negative side of the number line?

Absolute values are always positive; so graph it on the positive side of the number line.

What is an integer number line?

a number line that has both a positive side and a negative side.

Why are metals on the left side positive?

because the ones on the right side are negative..

Do acids have a high or low pH scale?

an acid is on the left side of the scale. that means the low nubers like 1,2,3. bases are on the right side or high numbers like12,13,14. did you knowthat 14 is the highest number it can go ( that I know of).

Where is the motor number located on a 2003 250cc Honda rebel?

try looking on right side of engine,under the carbs,,,,but not positive

What is the answer to a positive number mines a negative number if the number on the left side is positive and its bigger?

I don't know but I think it is always 0 or under

Which way does electricity flow?

from left to right. positive side pushes and negative side pulls.

How do you do a cheerleading scale?

to pull a scale you stand on one leg (normally you stand on your right leg) then you grab the right side of your left ankle and pull it up.

Revolver has New Police 38 on barrel left side and frame Barrel right side and patent dates on top agree with Police Positive Serial no 6 What is it?

what's the serial number ???? Serial number 6

What is the meaning of side scale?

side scale meaning

What side do you serve from if you have a even number in badminton?

The right side

An angle that has its vertex at the origin and its initial side on the positive x-axis is in what?

it will be pointing to the right side of the plane

Where is the acidic side of the pH scale?

The acic side is the left side of the scale

Find the range of stem-and-leaf plot?

highest row right side number put to the right of greatest number on the same row on the left= first #. Then get the bottom row right side number on the right of the lowest number on the left side of the same row. That is second # first number - second number= Range

How do elements of right side of table of elements differ from left side?

The elements on the right side are mostly nonmetals and their charge is negative The elements on the left side is all metals and their charge is positive.

How do negative exponents become positive?

when an exponent is shifted from the left side of equal to to right side or visa verse

What does the scale factor tell you about two similar shapes?

The scale factor is the number that the side lengths of one figure can be multiplied by to give the corresponding side lengths of the other figure.

How do you get in the school in wimpy wonderland poptropica if it doesn't work?

They is like a scale in the right of the school, but get the paper first in the tree right next to the scale. Then Put the trash can in the left side of the scale and when you done jump on the other side of scale. Once it worked push the garbage all the way to the end of the school where the window is jump on the garbage then your in school!

Why the value of cos positive for negative value of angle?

The cosine of an angle is the adjacent side of the angle of a triangle divided the hypotenuse. If you plot the adjacent side as x on an x -y graph, for negative angles less than 90 degrees the adjacent side is positive and the hypotenuse is always positive, so you get a positive. The cosine is positive int e upper right and lower right quadrants

What is a positive side?

This question is incomplete. A positive side could mean the positive side of a situation. A positive side could mean the side that is correct or apart of a chemical equation.

How do you calculate a true length on an engineering drawing?

The scale written in the right side of the drawing shows the true length. Any drawing has perspective, but to determine the length of the specifications, one must have the actual scale by the designer. This is always defined by the draftsman and noted somewhere either on the right upper side corner or the lower right side corner.

What do you call the number on the right side of a decimal?

a tenth

What is the location of the page header and page number?

Right or Right hand side