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it depends

if negitive dont put it with a positive

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Q: Why some elements have positive valency and others negative?
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A compound that has the same number of positive and negative charges is said to be?

neutral. Positive and negative charges cancel each others.

Why do some atoms form positive ions and others form negatiove ions?

some elements like sodium have low electronegativity and elements like chlorine have high electronegativity. So when they react sodium lose electrons and form positive ions and chlorine gains electrons and form negative ions. This is the reason why some atoms make positive ions and some negative ions.

Can a positive ANA change to a negative ANA?

I have had blood several blood tests. In some, there is a positive ana and in others it's negative. What causes this?

How does permanent dipole-dipole interaction take place?

because of certain elements being more electronegative than others, this causes positive and negative ends of the molecule. the positive ends then attract the negative ends and vice versa, and so this is Van der Walls' forces

The consequences of positive and negative decisions on the lives of others?

Positive decisions make the lives of others better. Negative decisions make the lives of others worse. Decisions that add something to somebodies life (or a "positive" decision) could either be good or bad, as could a decision that takes something from somebody's life (or a "negative" decision).

Does a motorcycle horn work with positive and negative connector?

Some motorcycle horns have a positive and negative connector. Others may only have a positive wire connector and use the frame for a ground.

Subatomic particle with the negative charge?

Among others, the electron and the down quark have a negative charge. So do the antiparticles of particles with a positive charge - for example, an antiproton, or an anti-up-quark.

What is a positive and negative Connotation for the denotation for the phrase to discuss with others?

chat and argue

What are the positive and negative effects of technology in family life?

positive- you can connect every time you want. negative- you can't see each others face any more

Why might you feel shy in listing your positive or negative attributes?

We might feel shy listing our positive or negative attributes. Listing positive attributes may seem as if we are showing off our capabilities in front of others. While, listing negative attributes may give others a chance of getting to know our weaknesses.

What are the positive and negative effects of using perception shortcuts when judging others?

read a book

When you factor out the greatest common factor if it is negative and the others are not?

The GCF will always be a positive number.

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