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Q: Why the Sumerian social hierarchy is shaped like a triangle?
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The idea that traders were above farmers in sumerian society was apart of what?

it was a part of Social Hierarchy

Who made up the three classes in the Sumerian social hierarchy?

Community members made up the three classes in the Sumerian society.

What is the hierarchy in ancient Egypt?

A hierarchy is the social system in ancient Egypt

Was there a social hierarchy?

yes in Egypt and Kush they believed that there was a social hierarchy. the pharaohs/kings were obviously on top and slaves were at the bottom.

What is the system of social ranks?


What is a social class in which it is impossible to move up the social hierarchy?


What religions undermined social hierarchy?


What was Sumerians society organized by?

Social Hierarchy :-]

What were the sumerian social classes in order of importance?

Community members decided the social classes of the Sumerians

Draw Social hierarchy of indus valley?


Why did people's social class depend on Sumerian society?


What is a sentence for hierarchy?

You need to respect the hierarchy.Bees have a very complex social and hierarchy system.According to my family hierarchy, one of my ancestors was a cousin to King Richard the Lionheart.