Why the name 8085 is given?

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The name 8085 was given to the next generation of the 8080 to indicate 1.) that it was a next generation device and 2.) that it only required a single +5V power supply to operate.

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Q: Why the name 8085 is given?
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Why the name is given as 8085?

update to 8080 is 8085. and it's a name to identify chip.

Why the name 8085 for microprocessor?

8085 is a microprocessor designed by Intel

Why put number as 8085 for microprocessor?

8085 is the developed version of 8080. due to the usage of +5v the 8085 was given to the developed version of 8080.

What do '8085' in 8085 Microprocessor signify?

The '8085' in the 8085 microprocessor is the designation given to the microprocessor by Intel. The '5' means it is a single power supply (5 volt) version of the 8080, with enhancements.

How 8085 microprocessor got its name?

the previous CPU of Intel is 8080A. 8085 is the first CPU to work in 5volts. hence the name 8085 (8080+5)

Why there was the name of first microprocessor 8085?

The 8085 was not the first microprocessor. The Intel 4004 was.

Why 8085 micro processor is named as 8085?

The 8085 was given its number as the next version of the 8080. The 5 means that it operates on a single 5 volt power source.

Why were the 8085 and 8086 microprocessors given that name?

In 8085 5 means the microprocessor operates at+5 volt. third 8 means 8bits,its wordlength is 1byte. 80 indicates it was devoloped in eightys(1976)

How many bit input is given to a microprocessor?

8 bit input is given to Intel 8085 microprocessor.

What is the meaning of the term 8085 in microprocessor8085?

The designation 8085 was given by Intel for an updated version of the 8080. The 8085 multiplexed the address bus, freeing up some pins, and Intel included newer functionality. The specific reason for the 5, in 8085, was to indicate that the 8085 operated on a single +5V power supply, unlike the 8080, which needed three power supplies, +5V, -5V, and +12V.

Is 8085 cisc or risc?

The 8085 is CISC

What are the advantages of 8085 microprocessors?

the 8085 does not have segment register.........

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