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At a certain angle - 45 degrees if the starting point and end point are at the same level, and air resistance can be ignored - and at a certain speed, the range is maximum. Both for lower and for higher angles, you get a lower range.

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Q: Why there are two possible angles of projection for same range with same velocity of projection?
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Why can two different angles lead to the same range?

they have the same velocity. if it is aimed high and aimed straight then they could reach the same point if it has the same velocity

What is the function of universal joint in vehicle?

To enable constant velocity. It keeps a shaft turning through a range of angles.

What is the range of the sine function?

The domain (input) is all possible angles. The range (output) is -1 to +1.

The range of projectile is maximum when the angle of projection is?

The range of projectile is maximum when the angle of projection is 45 Degrees.

At what launch angle or angles will the projectile land at half of its maximum possible range?

The half maximum range of a projectile is launched at an angle of 15 degree

What is the velocity range in deccan traps?

the velocity of deccan trap basalt is 4.8-5km/sec,but basement granite has a velocity range of 6.0-6.2km/sec.

What is the range of change of velocity?


How the angle of projection affect the range of the projectile?

Without considering any effects of air resistance and wind, the angle of projection that delivers the greatest horizontal range is 45 degrees above the horizon. Anything different ... either more or less than 45 degrees ... reduces the range.

The angle of projection of a projectile for which the horizontal range and maximum height are equal?

45 degrees.

What is the Effect of changing the angle of projection on the magnitude of range?

The more elevated the launcher is the shorter the range of the launcher to the ball. Hope it helps :)

What is the horizontal range of a projectile initial velocity is doubled?

If "range" means that the shooter and the target are on the same level: quadrupled (if airesistance can be neglected). It takes twice the time until gravity "eats up" vertical velocity and during that time the projectile moves with double horisontal velocity. But if you shoot horisontally from a cliff at double velocity the flighttime will be the same and the range only doubled.

What are the angles for which the range of projectile is the same?