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Q: Why value of sine lies between 1and -1?
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Why value of sine lies between -1 and 1?

all of them

What is the difference between pure sine wave and stepped sine wave?

as stated pure is like a perfect circle. a stepped sine wave will be increased toa value and increased in steps of any value.

What is the rms value for a sine wave oscillating between a -12mA and 12mA?


What is the value of sine 3.3?

Sine 3.3 degrees is about 0.057564. Sine 3.3 radians is about -0.157746. Sine 3.3 grads is about 0.051813.

Relation between peak value and rms value of sine wave?

rms is root means square (average of the sine wave) and peak value is the top of the sine waveANSWERis root means square and it is not AVERAGE the average is .639 of RMS AND PEAK VOLTAGE IS 1.41 X rms. Find it in any bookCommentThe average value of a complete sine wave is zero. The figure of 0.639 Vmax or 0.639 Imax is the average over half its wavelength.The rms-value of a sine wave is 0.707Vmax or 0.707Imax.

What is the sine of 180?

The sine of 180 degrees is 0. Remember, the sine value on a unit circle is the y-value. If you find f(pi) in the function f(x)=sin(x), you will get zero as an answer.

What is the value of the sine ratio for the angle 15 degrees?

sine(15 degrees) = 0.25882 (rounded)

Why sinΞΈ value is less then and equal to one?

If you look at the definition of the sine function in a triangle, you'll discover that the maximum possible value of the sine function is ' 1 ' and the minimum possible value is ' -1 '. There's no angle that can have a sine greater than ' 1 ' or less than ' -1 '. So the absolute value of the sine of anything is always ' 1 ' or less.

What is the value of the sin?

If you mean the sine function, it is dependent on an angle. For example, the sine of an angle of zero degrees is zero; the sine of an angle of 90 degrees is one; for an angle of 180 degrees, the sine is again 0; if you make a graph, you get a curve that looks like a wave. In general, the values the sine function can take are between 1 and -1, inclusive.

What is the value of 30 degrees?

sine of 30 degrees

What is the value of sine at pi?

One. Exactly one.

What is the relationship between peak value and peak to peak value of sinusoidal waveform?

If the sine wave is symetrical about zero volts then peak is one half peak to peak voltage.

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