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the number zero is first used by Indians only not by any one else<br /><br /><br /><br /> The number zero was actually invented by the <i><b>Ancient Egyptians

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Q: Why was the number zero invented and by whom was it invented?
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Who invented number zero?

R.A Bhatta invented the number zero

What was the first invented number?

The number zero was the first "invented" number.

Who invent the number zero?

R.A Bhatta invented the number zero

Where zero number was invented?


When did Fibonacci invent the number zero?

zero was invented independently in India

Did Aryabhatta invented formula?

no he invented the number zero he was a Hindu mathemathican

Who invented number zero and one?

the mayans came up with the concept of zero

Did the ancient Indians invent the number zero?

Yes india invented the zero

Who personally invented number zero?

it was invented in India sometime in the middle ages

When was the number zero invented?

1960 by Chuck Norris

What did the Arabs have to do with the invention of the number zero?

The zero was invented in northern India and passed on to Europe by Arabs.

What language the number zero originated from?

Hindus invented zero. They called it sunya, the great silence.