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There are square wells, so the question is based on incorrect information.

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Q: Why well shape is round not a square shape?
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Why is pizza round why not square?

Traditional pizza crusts are made by spinning the dough, which results in a round shape. However, there are a number of commercial pizzas that are square. Sicilian pizzas are also well-known for their rectangular shape.

Columbus describes earth's shape is square or round?


Is an egg round?

no an egg is square no its oval in shape

What face shape do most people have?

The main facial shape classifications are: oblong, square, diamond, triange, round, heart, and oval. The square and round shapes are the most common.

Why round shape of wheel has made instead of square?

A round wheel will roll; a square won't, or not without a great deal of effort. It's easier to move a round object than a square one.

Can water be round or square-shaped?

As a liquid water has no defined shape. It will take on the shape of the container it is put in.

What is the shape of perimeter?

Can be any shape It is the edge of something So perimeter of a property can be round or square or irregular

When you taking the snap the camera lenses are round shape but how the photos are coming in square shape?

The lens is used to focus the light rays onto a square or rectangular shape where it is recorded.

Most famous shape of cake?

Round or square / rectangle. It depends on the type.

How is watermelon square?

Watermelon are not square. Pie are square. Watermelon are round.

Are animal cells more round than plant cells?

Animal cells have a round shape where as a plant cell is more square.

What kind of shape is a circle?

Well a circle is a round shape, like an O, it does not have any corners, its just round, like a round pizza. hehe my friend wrote that!!! GO MEGAN!