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there were so many deaths for different of the most comon was of disease. the soldiers had to walk through puddles of water, sometimes infected swamps, and they could possibly contract something through their feet.also, the conditions in the trenches were horrific.a lot of people died from getting gassed during war. many would go blind and some would actually die, but gas was deadly. many would die from woulnds or just simply from being thirsty or hungry. just like any other war.

AnswerFor most of the war, the two sides were very evenly matched.


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Q: Why were there so many deaths in World War 1?
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Why were there so many deaths during World War 2?

It was probably because there was a war on.

What invention led to so many deaths during world war 1?

In world war one it was probably mustard gas and machine guns.

How many Axis soldiers were killed during World War 2?

Total World War 2 Deaths was 72 Million and 12% of it was Axis Military recorded Deaths. So 12% of 72 Million = 8.64 Million.

How many italiens died during the World War I?

Their population was 35.6 million. It decreased %3.48 because of World War 1. There were 651,000 military deaths, and 589,000 civilian deaths. So in all, 1,240,000 Italians died.

What was the cause of so many Chinese deaths in World War 2?

The Japanese armed forces were attacking China

Why were there so many civilian deaths in World War 2?

I don't know about other countries but Germany was bombed a lot. Look into Germany bombings in World War 2.

Were there more military casualties in World War 1 or World War 2?

World War II, by a large margin. World War I saw about 8,500,000 military deaths. By contrast World War II produced between 20,000,000 and 30,000,000 military deaths, along with another 20,000,000 or so civilian deaths. Michael Montagne World War II, by about a factor of ten. Michael Montagne

How poor sanitation and poor hygiene caused so many deaths during world war 1?

No!!! [ I'm glad about that!!! ]

How many people were wounded in World War 2?

To many to count. There were over 37,000,000 deaths so just imagine the people wounded.

Why were there so many deaths during the civil war?

people died

What happend in World War I?

People died :(There were so many things that happened in World War One. For instance there were alliances formed like the Tripe Alliance, there were many deaths and slaves being captured among other things.

Was World war one worth it?

Probably not. So many deaths, so much new terrible ways to kill people. And the terms of the surrender directly contributed to WWII.

Which wars started from Religons and how many deaths were there in them?

world war 2 started from religion because of Adulph Hitler.He belived that Jewish people were to greedy so he started to kill as many Jews as he could get his hands on,plunging the world into world war a result of this war over 2 million people were killed.

Why is it said that the bullet that killed franz Ferdinand killed 6 million?

Since there were so many countries that were involved in the war such as Germany Austria,Turkey,Britain,France, and Italy, there were many deaths that occured in World War 1.

How many deaths were there from tornadoes in 2011?

So far in the world tornadoes have killed at least 572 with at least 550 of those deaths occurring in the U.S.

What form of nationalism did Nazi Germany practice during World War 2 resulting in the deaths of millions of innocent people?

It was not Nationalism. It was facism. Nazism. That was what so many germans embraced during the 2nd world war when Hitler was in power. It resulted in the deaths of nearly 10 million Jewish people and other 'inferiors' that Hitler disliked callously.

How many deaths in the holocast?

there is no real number because they hid so many deaths!

How many people died in Afghanistan in war?

Soviet War in Afghanistan (USA and the terrorists versus the Soviet Union and Afghanistan) 1,500,000 deaths 1979-1989 Afghanistan War (USA versus the Taliban) 80,000 deaths 2001- so far

Why were there so many deaths in Japans Tsunami?

there were so many deaths because they weren't ready for it because they had just had an earthquake.

Why did the US sustain so few civilian deaths during World War 2?

No fighting occurred in the US where most of the civilians stayed.

What is the connection between poppies and Memorial Day?

many people died in world war two and many of the trenches where in large poppy field when it turned to summer time the poppy grew and summer was also know for many deaths so thats why

What was so significant about World War 1?

Because firtsly the amount of deaths occured in this particular war was collosal as well as the most amount of counties participating in the same war was the most ever seen by man

How many people died from sickness in world war 2?

There is no exact record of how many people world wide died from sicknesses during World War 2 because it was not an age of computer records and millions were simply buried and never were reported to officials. There were also crooked officials who did not record a lot of the deaths. Did you know that a little more than half of the deaths in both world wars were due to worldwide epidemics of flu, starvation, exposure to the cold and extreme heat, insect bites, snake bites, infections of wounds, bites, cuts, scrapes and tropical diseases? Some of the injuries sustained did cause death but often times after the war so that added to the total count of deaths during the war time. More civilians died in World War 2 than did military personnel.

How many horses died in the civil war?

Horses were a common death in the Civil War because officers would ride them and when a enemy fired they would aim for the horse because the horse was giving support to the officer so there were alot of horse deaths. Union horse deaths: 32,600 Confederate horse deaths: 45,798

What was the factor why so many people where killed in World War I?

I know in world war 1, that influenza claimed a great many lives.