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Q: Why won't a vacuum pump operate for a well that is deeper than 10.3 m?
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Why will a vacuum pump not operate for a well that is more than 10.3m deep?

Because the Earth's atmospheric pressure forces the water back down.

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Vacuum cleaners use vacuum created by a suction pump, to suck up dirt. Industrial vacuum cleaners are those for use outside of the home, such as in offices, factories and warehouses, and are capable of cleaning larger, dirtier areas than would be found in a domestic setting.

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Ether at room temperature is placed in a flask connected by a rubber tube to a vacuum pump the pump is turned on and the ether begins to boil why?

Because the pressure of the atmosphere in the flask is lowered by the vacuum; a liquid will reach it's boiling point when the pressure of the atmosphere is equal to or less than the vapor pressure of the liquid.

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