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There is probably water in an outside outlet. GFCI outlets monitor the neutral wire, and any moister it detects will cause it to trip out. Also the outlets themselves could have been damaged and need replaceing. The circuit breakers might also be tripped, the GFCI outlet is designed to not reset unless there is power from the breaker. Hope this helps.

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Q: Why won't two GFCI protection outlets located inside the garage reset after you power washed the outside of the house?
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Where does a GFCI go?

GFCI protection is required for most outdoor receptacles, bathroom , garage wall outlets, kitchen, and all receptacles in crawl space.

How many eletrcal outlets can you have in a garage?

There is no limit as to the amount of circuits you can have in a garage. If you mean how many devices on a 15 amp single circuit breaker then the answer is 12. Be sure to total in light fixture outlets and switch boxes.

Where is A GFCI outlet?

Bathrooms, kitchens, garage and outside outlets are typically put on a GFI type breaker. Some electricians use a central GFI breaker that is inside the breaker panel, others use a GFI outlet at one location then "daisy-chain" several outlets to that circuit. Either is acceptable.

What size wire is needed to wire outlets in a garage?

12/3 awg mc/bx

Where is your car located?

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How high above the garage floor are receptacles located?

Most garages that I have seen have some outlets 16 inch from floor and some 38-40 inch from floor so they would be higher than a workbench.

Where can one purchase garage door spares in England?

There are various outlets for garage door spares in England. One of the popular stores is 'Henderson Garage doors and spares'. They sell high quality spare parts at reasonably low prices.

Where is the circuit breaker in a garage?

If your circuit breakers are in the garage, they would be in a electrical panel (a metal box mounted on a (usually) outside wall, with the electric meter on the outside. The circuit breakers can be either just below the meter on the outside on opposite it inside the garage. It would usually be very close to where the electric connection to the house is. The electrical panel and breakers are not necessarily in the garage.

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Should you use 14-2 or 12-2 for garage outlets and lights in Richfield mn?

The only determining factor is the size of the circuit breaker that you will be using. If the garage circuit will be protected with a 15 Amp breaker, you may use a 14 AWG wire. If the circuit will be protected with a 20 amp breaker, you must use a 12 AWG wire. Note too that garage outlets should be protected with a GFCI breaker or outlet. If you have any concerns regarding your ability to adequately design and install the garage outlets, please, for your own safety, contact a local electrician.

Should outlets in a diningroom be 15 amp or 20 amp?

The kitchen and garage are the only 20 amp circuts usually.

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Does 15amp outdoor circuit need gfi?

ALL outdoor circuits and all 115v circuits in a bathroom, kitchen or garage should be protected by a GFIC. If you have any doubt, contact your local building inspector.GFIC outlets are relatively inexpensive and can be wired into the first circuit of a string of outdoor outlets. The expense is reasonable and the protection is well worth the investment.

You have 1 outlet in the garage - 1 in your bathroom and 1 exterior outlet that all stopped working - you have checked your breakers and they seem to be ok What should you do?

Your outside outlets should be connected to GFCI devices. If they are receptacles the downstream side of the receptacles is also protected. It sounds like one of these receptacles has tripped. Try resetting the bathroom one first and then check to see if the power came back on. Then try resetting the outside receptacle if it is a GFCI. The outlet in the garage is probably fed either off of the bathroom circuit or the outside receptacle.

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Does one outlet in a house carry more amperage than another outlet?

Usually no. In the regular home, outlets give out the same amount of power. Every outlet does have limitations. Most outlets can handle up to 15 Amps, however outlets in the garage or outdoors usually handle 20 amps.

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Where are GFCI outlets usually locate?

Anyplace where an outlet is within 6 feet of a water source.BathroomKitchenLaundry RoomUnfinished BasementCrawl SpaceOutlet located outside homePorchGarage

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