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there may be a ground wire from the negative battery terminal that isn't making a connection

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Q: Why would a 1998 bonnneville not start the battery is new the starter is only a year old?
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Why would your car not start if you just replaced the battery and alternator?

Check the battery cables or starter.

You have 99 Chevy cavalier and it doest start is it battery radio still plays or is it starter and if it starter can i rebuild my own starter and if so how much would that be?

Sometimes there can be enough power in the battery to run electrical things but not enough to start the engine. You need to get the battery tested to see if it will hold a charge.You can try to jump start it using another battery. If it will not start this way,try charging the battery first before going on to the starter. If it turns out to be the starter, you can have it rebuilt. This can run about 20.00-40.00.

Why would a 1999 Passport not start?

Dead battery? Loose or corroded battery cables? Bad starter? Bad starter solenoid? Bad neutral Switch?

Starter tapping when trying to start?

poor battery connection or battery itself high resistance in battery cables would be some things to check plus beanch test starter itself

Where is the 97 Nissan Sentra Starter Relay?

Last Sunday my battery was dead, I got a jump start from a professorial battery charger, car started fine, got to church, after car would not start, had it towed to where I can buy a new Battery, car still will not start, where is the starter relay?, is there a fuse link for the starter any where?

What would cause a power wire to burn from the starter to the battery?

why would my starter wire burn, going from starter to battery

Vw 2003 jetta won't turn over?

Could be your battery, starter, ignition, check them... would start with the battery !

What is wrong if the starter clicks but won't start if the radio works so it can't be the battery and it has a new starter?

It can very well be the battery. Takes almost no amperage to operate a radio. I would suspect it is either the battery or the battery connections.

What will would stop a car not start but makes a clicking sound at the starter motor?

dead battery bad starter solenoid bad starter loose or corroded battery or starter cables

What would cause your car not to start with a fully charged battery?

Corrosion on the wires, bad starter or starter solenoid, worn flywheel or flexplate, many things. Even just corroded battery terminals could cause no start.

Car wont start but starter clicks?

The battery could be (almost) dead, or a battery cable could be lose. I would start by verying these. Also could be: Seized engine Bad starter Bad starter solenoid

If your car will not start intermittently and nothing turns over and there is no starter click but the battery and alternator are good what could be wrong?

This could be the voltage regulator. Both the positive from the battery and the starter would be connected to it.

Why would a car just click when trying to start other than the cause of a bad battery?

A bad starter. A loose connection @ the terminal ends-the battery cables-the starter solonoid-IF IT has Rubber covers around the battery ends corrosion from battery acid could cause it.EVEN a bad ground on the engine from the battery 2 the frame.(battery cables) The battery cable ends could be corroded and should be cleaned. The next step would be to check the starter selenoid and then the starter.

Why would a Chrysler Cirrus just click when trying to start?

Possible causes include a weak battery, battery connections, and a failed starter.

Would a bad O2 sensor make the car not start at all?

no if the car doesnt start check the battery and the alternator and the starter.

Why would my truck not start with aNew starter battery alternator?

check the wiring change the starter relay and clean ignition switch with electicial cleaner.

1997 gmc Suburban was pausing before it would start Now nothing engine will not turn over at all battery terminals are clean and battery has a good charge?

bad starter, or wire to starter

My car will not start but it makes a clicking noice when i try to start it. what is wrong?

Battery is weak,battery post connectors need cleaning or tightening up are the first things I would check.Cable going to the starter from battery loose at starter and finally the starter itself or the solenoid or relay may be bad,hopefully it is loose or dirty connections.Maybe all you need is a jump start if the battery is weak.And if it starts have it checked before it leaves you stranded somewhere.

Why does my boat makes a clicking sound when trying to start it?

You may also have a faulty starter solenoid or starter Your battery is low, or you have a bad connection in your cables. -I would try to charge your battery first, but if that doesn't help then go ahead and have your starter looked at! :)

Why would a Ford F-150 not start and all you get is a clicking noise when you turn the key?

It could be solenoid, starter, battery, alternator not CHARGING the battery or corroded battery terminals.

What would cause a clicking sound on a 1998 lumina and not start after a new starter is installed?

Use battery load tester and properly test battery. When battery fails, replace it.

What would cause a positive battery cable to burn up?

bad starter or bad connection to starter or bad ground on battery or starter

1992 Ford Festiva will not start and there is clicking but that's it How do you know if its the starter battery or alternator?

If there is clicking, that means the car has power from the battery so the altenator and the battery are good. I would suggest that the starter is gone bad. It will eventually grind away to where there is no clicking.

96 Bonneville wont start after turning the key driving it yesterday the car would start but when you turned it off the car would not start then tried it again and it did start now it will not start?

From your description I would say you could rule out the battery but not the alternator (the part that charges the battery) but it's most likely the starter

Why would a ford focus not even click when trying to start with a good battery?

Check if there is voltage to the starter "S" terminal (if starter does not have the small wire, ensure the starter relay is working). Go from there