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Wires could be disconnected from the main fuse box. Check to see if you have any Ground Fault Outlets installed and ensure that all have been reset. It sounds like they may all be on one circuit and if so, You need to check that all outlets nad light fixtures have good connections and are tight. Its possible that you have a GFI outlet in bathroom that is tripped or is bad the bedroom outlets are possibly wired to same circuit It just may be that the fault that tripped the breaker also broke the circuit to the other points. Look into the boxes of the outlets and switches. If there was a fault you may see carbon where an arc broke a wire to the remaining points in the string.

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Q: Why would all three outlets in a bedroom and the bathroom light lose power even if the breaker is reset?
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Why does bathroom light go off when you turn on bedroom light?

That's one I've never seen. Does the bathroom light turn ON when the bedroom light is switched Off? Does the bathroom light switch turn the bathroom light on and off normally when the bedroom light switch is left on? Need to answer these questions, then find where the bathroom light power comes from. It's power supply should either go directly from the power oanel to the bathroom light or to the bathroom light switch. The bathroom light switch merely acts as an interrupter for the hot leg of this power supply.

How many outlets and light can you put on a 15amp circuit breaker?

You should install no more than 9 outlets. If you add a 75 watt light then install no more than 8 outlets and that 1 light.

What if lights do not work but outlets work?

You probably blew the breaker for the lights. While usually the lights and outlets in a room are on the same breaker, it isn't always done that way. And you may have blown the light bulbs in the lights.

What does the red light on the gfci outlet mean?

It means the breaker has been tripped. There are two possible ways to reset it - some have a button on the outlet (there may be several outlets on one circuit, so you may have to look around) the other is the main breaker in your breaker box. You'll need to find a reset the breaker.

If you replaced a bedroom light with a dimmer and now the adjacent bathroom appears to have no electricity what might be the problem?

Well it is only a guess but I would say your bathroom and bedroom were sharing the same cct and you have not kept the cct going by placing the dimmer in line. There would be a continuation of wiring from the dimmer to the bathroom that you have perhaps not reconnected.

How many eletrcal outlets can you have in a garage?

There is no limit as to the amount of circuits you can have in a garage. If you mean how many devices on a 15 amp single circuit breaker then the answer is 12. Be sure to total in light fixture outlets and switch boxes.

You have 2 lights in 2 different rooms that each work off each wall switch and they are not hooked up as a 3 way switch?

Can anyone tell me why? I rewired the upstairs and I know it is correct. It is an old house that had the knob and tube wiring. Alot of the rooms are on one circuit as I havent had time to split them up. The 2 upstairs bedrooms, 1 downstairs bedroom, Living room, dining room and bathroom (light only) are on the same circuit. However, only the 1 upstairs bedroom and the light in the bathroom are affected. If I turn either of the light switches on, it turns both lights on. If I turn the bathroom light on, the light in the bedroom comes on and does not shut off with the bedroom switch, no matter if the switch is in the on or off position. The same goes for the opposite, cant turn off the bathroom light when the bedroom light switch is on. The bathroom light still has the old knob and tube wiring as I havent gotten that far in the wiring process and so does the downstairs bedroom, however, I cant figure out why the only 2 lights affected are the 1 bedroom upstairs and the bath if all of the other lights act normal. There is only 1 main power feed to all the upstairs Would it be because there is no ground wire on the bathroom light fixture? Its just 12-2 to a junction box and the knob and tube wires are spliced to it in there.

Why would the two light fixtures and one overhead fan in your bathroom all go dead at once and remain dead even though the breaker has not tripped?

Proably due to a GFCI breaker located in an outlet either in the bathroom or on the same circuit, possibly in another room like the kitchen or other bathroom. You will see the button on the outlet....

Have a bathroom light that is wired hot at all times how do you wire a pull chain up to it?

This sounds very strange. You should not have an unswitched bathroom light. Replace fixture with one with a pull chain. Turn breaker off before changing the fixture.

How many outlets and lights on a 60 amp breaker?

It would be quite unusual to have a single 60 amp circuit with outlets and lights. You would have to use very heavy wire to each light and outlet. Typical lighting circuits would be protected by 15 amp breaker and a circuit with general purpose receptacles would have a 20 amp breaker. A typical lighting circuit might have 10 to 12 fixtures and receptacle circuit might have 8 outlets. If you don't know how to size a circuit get an electrician.

Why power circuits and lighting circuits require a separate circuit breaker?

Utility outlets and lighting outlets should be separate so that when a utilization device plugged into an outlet trips the breaker or blows the fuse, you won't be left trying to find your way to safety in the dark. Light fixtures are much less likely to trip a breaker in ordinary use, but there are places you also want more than one lighting circuit for illumination.

If there are a series of outlets and switches that won't operate in one particular area of your home and there are no breaker switches thrown in the breaker box what else could be causing this problem?

When several outlets are on the same circuit the current comes first from the breaker panel to one outlet where it is connected to a duplex receptacle and/or switch or light, then to the NEXT outlet, light or switch. If a connection was not made properly at any point along the way it can corrode or somehow loose connection back to the breaker panel. If that happens, every outlet DOWNSTREAM will not be working properly. If you cannot track down the problem yourself, you will need to hire an electrician.

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