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Q: Why would an organization like Kellogg's would use qualitative and quantitative data?
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What is the main difference between qualitative and quantitative?

A qualitative observation has to do with things you can't count, "The fish has black scales" is a qualitative observation. A quantitative observation has to do with things you can count, "The fish has 125 scales" is a quantitative observation. You can combine these two, an example would be "The fish has 125 black scales."

What are the differences between quantitative and qualitative techinque?

Quantitative means that it is concerned with how much. Qualitative means that it is only concerned with the kind. And example of quantitative would be the number of trees in a park, and an example of qualitative would be whether you have blue eyes or brown eyes.

Difference between quantitative and quantitative data?

If you mean qualitative and quantitative data, then data would be dealing with numbers to describe a statistical analysis whereas qualitative represents things that cannot be expressed as numbers such as color.

Would you give 10 examples of qualitative and quantitative observation?


What the difference between qualitative and quantitative observations?

Quantitative observations are the data collected in an experiment, mostly numbers. Qualitative observations would usually include written answers to analysis questions.

What are 20 qualitative and 20 quantitative?

Chris said he wouldn't do shakeeya would you

Is 45 percent efficient a qualitative assessment or quantitative assessment?

A quantitative assessment involves numbers. This says 45% so it is quantitative. Qualitative would involve a description: fairly efficient, very efficient or more efficient than before.

What are quantitative measurements?

Quantitative measurements are those which involve the collection of numbers. It is the opposite of qualitative data which are observations. For example, if you were interested in looking at height. Quantitative measurements would be taking an accurate measurement of everyone. Qualitative data would be looking at the person and putting them into a category of 'tall,' 'medium,' 'short.'

What is the different between quantitative and qualitative measures?

If I had a 25% solution of sodium chloride and I did a quantitative measurement, the interest would be in HOW MUCH was present. In this case it would be 25%. If I did a qualitative measurement, all we would be interested in is - WHAT IS PRESENT. In this case sodium chloride and water. In simple terms, qualitative is "What is present" and quantitative is "How much is present"

Is the change in a plant's temperature a qualitative data?

No it's quantitative because it has to do with numbers and is an exact calculation. Qualitative would be, for example, change in color

What are the 2 quantitative and 2 qualitative traits of a tennis ball?

Weight and circumference would be 2 quantitative traits (involving numbers) and the fact that it's green and round are 2 qualitative traits (things that you observe with your senses)

Is green liquid qualitative or quantitative?

ha ha... it could be either. Qualitative would be if you did a taste test to see if the green liquid (hopefully kool-aid) tasted good to different people. Quantitative would be if you measured how much of the green liquid there was. It isn't inherently either one, as qualitative and quantitative describe types of data, rather than things such as colored liquids of unidentified origin.