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A yard is a measure of length in 1-dimensional space and so has dimensions [L].

A cubic yard, therefore, has dimensions of [L3] which are the dimensions of volume in 3-dimensional space.

Since it is a unit that measures volume, it could be used t measure the volume of a pool. However, nowadays, most people in the world would use cubic metres (or, possibly, litres).

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Q: Why would cubic yards measure a volume of a pool?
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Would cubic inches or cubic feet or cubic yards be most appropriate method to measure volume of a swimming pool?

Cubic yards.

How do you convert 150 cubic yards into just yards?

Converting cubic yards to yards doesn't make sense. Cubic yards measure volume, and yards measure distance.

Convert yards to cubic yards?

That is not possible. Yards is a measure of length or distance. cubic yards belong to a measure of a volume. That does not go together.

How many cubic yards is in a yard?

None. Cubic yards is a measure of volume & a yard is a measure of a linear distance.

Would you use cubic meter or square yards to find the area of a football field?

Square yards. Cubic measure is for volume

How many yards are in 44.32 cubic feet?

Yards can't be converted to cubic feet. Yards measure length, while cubic feet measure volume.

32 yards is how many cubic feet?

Unanswerable. Yards are linear measure. Cubic feet are used to measure volume.

How many cubic yards in 700 square yards?

This is not a valid conversion because cubic yards is a measure of volume while square yards is a measure of area.

How many inches in 9.6 cubic yards?

Inches are a measure of length or distance. Cubic yards are a measure of volume. That cannot be converted.

How do you convert cubic feet to square yards?

This is not a valid conversion. Square yards is a measure of area while cubic feet is a measure of volume.

How many yards equal 1 cubic yard?

Not answerable, yards are a measure of distance/length. Cubic yards are a measurement of volume.

How long are high school basketball courts in cubic yards?

you don't measure length in cubic yards. Cubic is for volume, not distance.

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