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Multiplying numbers in scientific notation is easier when the numbers are very, very large or very, very small.

Multiplying 0.000000000385 x 0.0000000474 is a pain.

Multiplying 3.85 x 10-10 x 4.74 x 10-8 is not.

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Q: Why would multiplying numbers in scientific notation be easier than multiplying them the regular way?
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How do you write 387 in standard notation?

387.Standard notation is our regular system of writing numbers. So, 387 is already in standard notation! Other kinds of notation include scientific notation and expanded notation.

Write the number 376000000000 in the scientific notation format as well as the regular format In addition explain any other advantages of using scientific notation?

376000000000 in scientific notation is 3.76 × 1011Standard notation is 376,000,000,000Scientific notation (also called standard form or exponential notation) is a way of writing numbers that accommodates values too large or small to be conveniently written in standard decimal notation.

How do you express 8.71 x 104 in scientific notation?

8.71 × 104 written in regular notation is 87,100.

How would 238857 miles be written in scientific notation and in a regular format?

To write this number in scientific notation, you place the number of times the decimal is moved to the left as the exponent. 238857 miles, or 238,857 miles is written in scientific notation as 2.38857 X 105 miles.

What does the exponent tell you in a number written in scientific notation?

The exponent in the scientific equation tells you how many decimals to go over because you are multiplying 10 that many number of times. For example, if the number were 1.056 X 107 the number in regular format would be 10,560,000

What does MCMXI mean in regular numbers?

The modern notation of the Roman numerals MCMXI is equivalent to 1911

Write the number chosen in the scientific notation format as well as the regular format In addition explain any other advantages of using scientific notation?

An example of doing this is here: 25,000 = 2.5 x 10 squared 4

What is 4.5 x 108 in regular notation?

4.5 x 108 is 450,000,000 in regular notation.

What is the distance of one light year write it in scientific and regular notation?

5.8787 x 1012 miles 5,878,700,000,000 miles

What is 5.4 10 4 in regular notation answer?

5.4 × 104 written in regular notation is 54,000

How do you write nine hundred eighty million one hundred ninety-two thousandeight hundred in standard notation?

981,192,800 is how it is in regular form. Scientific notation is 9.811928 * 10 to the 8th power.

How do you multiply a negative by a negative?

When multiplying two negative numbers you multiply as you would with regular positive numbers the product will ALWAYS be positive. Example: -3 x -3 = 9

Why product of two positive numbers is positive?

Cuz there's nothing to make it negative.... Just think of it as regular multiplying instead... Unless there is a negative...

What is 2 to the 50 power?

Scientific Notation 1.125899907 x 10 to the 15th Regular number: 1125899907000000

What is the standard notation for 4.1 105?

4.1 × 105 written in regular notation is 410,000

How do you measure volume of regular solid?

The volume of regular solid can be measured by multiplying the length, is width and its distance.

How many numbers of acute angles does a regular hexagon have?

It has 3 acute angles. You can do this by multiplying however many sides it has by 2. I think this works. Try it with different shapes! Hope this helps!

How do you write 7.893 x 1011 in standard notation?

7.893 × 1011 written in regular notation is 789,300,000,000

Regular notation of 4.9 x10-2?


What is the square root of -160?

Negative numbers do not have square roots. Multiplying any number by itself will always be a positive number. For example, -1 x -1 is 1. Because two negatives cancel themselves out, and regular numbers are always positive.

What is 1400 sq ft in m2?

1400 ft2/1 x 1m2/3.28 ft2 Cancel ft2 You're left with 1400 m2/3.28 Answer: 4.3x102m2 (scientific notation) 426.83 m2 (regular method) I recommend using scientific notation as your answer, because that is better stated

How is 4.47 x 10-8 written in standard notation?

4.47 × 10-8 written in regular notation is 0.0000000447

How big of a number can you enter into your calculator?

It depends on the calculator. A regular calculator cannot handle very much while a scientific calculator can handle larger numbers.

What is the decimal notation of -1 x 10 to the power of 5?

-1.0 × 105 written in regular notation is -100,000

What kind of numbers are on a credit card?

regular numbers

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