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Speakers, and other electromagnetic devices may be close by, you also may need to discharge the capacitor [degaussing]

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Q: Why would red lines arc across the top and bottom of every channel on a big screen TV?
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The spot that draws the picture on the TV screen sweeps across the screen 15,750 times every second. At the same time, it's sweeping from top to bottom of the screen 60 times every second. In that way, it draws the picture as a stack of horizontal lines on the screen. The spot is the front end of a beam of electrons that shoot at the screen from the rear of the picture tube. It gets steered around by electromagnetic coils around the neck of the picture tube. The coils are driven by voltages produced in the electronics of the TV set. The high-pitched sound you hear is the 15.75 KHz alternating voltage that sweeps the beam side to side across the screen.

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