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A standard deviation calculator allows the user to find the mean spread away from the mean in a statistical environment. Most users needing to find the standard deviation are in the statistics field. Usually, the data set will be given and must be typed into the calculator. The standard deviation calculator will then give the standard deviation of the data. In order to find the variance of the data, simply square the answer.

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Q: Why would someone need a standard deviation calculator?
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How do you divide standard deviation?

Standard deviation is a number and you would divide it in exactly the same way as you would divide any other number!

Would the mean and standard deviation be negative if the set has only negative values?

The mean would be negative, but standard deviation is always positive.

The standard deviation of a distribution is 5 if you mutiply each score by 3 what would the new standard deviation be?

It would be 3*5 = 15.

What a large standard deviation means?

A large standard deviation means that the data were spread out. It is relative whether or not you consider a standard deviation to be "large" or not, but a larger standard deviation always means that the data is more spread out than a smaller one. For example, if the mean was 60, and the standard deviation was 1, then this is a small standard deviation. The data is not spread out and a score of 74 or 43 would be highly unlikely, almost impossible. However, if the mean was 60 and the standard deviation was 20, then this would be a large standard deviation. The data is spread out more and a score of 74 or 43 wouldn't be odd or unusual at all.

What would it mean if a standard deviation was calculated to equal 0?

A standard deviation of zero means that all the data points are the same value.

If each score in a set of scores were increased by 6 points how would this affect the mean and the standard deviation?

This would increase the mean by 6 points but would not change the standard deviation.

What is measures of variability?

Standard deviation would be used in statistics.

What is considered a high standard deviation?

There's no valid answer to your question. The problem is a standard deviation can be close to zero, but there is no upper limit. So, I can make a statement that if my standard deviation is much smaller than my mean, this indicates a low standard deviation. This is somewhat subjective. But I can't make say that if my standard deviation is many times the mean value, that would be considered high. It depends on the problem at hand.

Using mean of 6.375 and Standard deviation of 1.47 plot values on normal distribution?

Your middle point or line for the plot (mean) would be 6.375. Then you would add/subtract 1.47 from your mean. For example, one standard deviation would equal 6.375 + 1.47 and one standard deviation from the left would be 6.375 - 1.47

What does a low mean deviation means?

A low standard deviation would mean that there is not much variation from the mean value of the data.

Can a standard deviation be 0?

Yes. For this to happen, the values would all have to be the same.

If outliers are added to a dataset how would the variance and standard deviation change?

They would both increase.

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