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Full body workout, good aerobics, less wear and tear on joints

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Q: Why would swimming be a suitable physical activity for a 60 year old?
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What type of physical activity would aerobics be?


What is poseidon's special sport or activity?

The only answer to that question would most probably be swimming.

What type of physical activity would a long bike ride that is partially uphill be considered?

A long bike ride that is partially uphill be would be considered vigorous physical activity.

What type of physical activity would aerobics class be?

Vigorous. :)

Where would gardening be on the physical activity pyramid?


What type of physical activity would be an aerobics class be?

Vigorous. :)

How would you define in your own words water activity?

Sports in the water (swimming, water skiing, diving etc.).

Why would a retired person take up physical activity?

because its healthy

What is an example of physical fitness?

An example would be to be capable of running laps, jumping, swimming etc.

What sport or activity should you do during fall and winter?

I would recommend doing inside swimming because they sometimes heat the pool up and its a great after school activity for your child.

What are four examples of how physical activity contributes to wellness?

Four examples of how physical activity can contribute to wellness will give a person an awareness on how to be healthier. One activity is jogging or walking. Another activity is playing sports like basketball, baseball, or football. A third example would be swimming. Finally, a good physical activity would be riding a bicycle.

How young children can become more healthy and so reduce of obestity and being unhealthy in later in life?

Find an activity the child would enjoy. When I was between 6 and 12, it was biking, walking, and swimming. It should be a family activity because young children should be supervised. You may want to stay away from competitive sports as they may cause children to drop out of physical activity.