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Q: Why would you want to simplify an algebraic expression?
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How do you find the value of an algebraic expression by substituting a number for each variable and simplifying?

The answer to the question is given in the question!If you want to find the value of an algebraic expression, then you need to substitute numerical values for each of the variables in the expression, and then calculate and simplify the result.

Why would you want to simplify an algebraic equation?

Simplifying an equation often helps solve it.

What is the algebraic expression for the product of 14 times a number?

Assuming you call your number "n", the expression would be "14n". You can replace "n" with whatever variable you want to use.

Simplify math expressions?

Yes, you can but it depends on the context. You can simplify fractions, or simplify surds, or algebraic expressions and in each case the simplification means different things. So if you want a sensible answer to your question I would suggest that you use a proper question rather than stick a quastion mark at the end of a phrase!

You want to write a algebraic expression on every roll there is 130 feet of wire you need 65 feet of wire per board how many rolls of wire would you need for 12 boards?


What does algebrac expression mean?

An algebraic expression is a way of recording or communicating a general idea or quantity. For example, if we want to say how many gloves we need in order to to give gloves to five people, that's 2 x 5 gloves = 10, but if we want to say how many gloves anynumber of people need, we say it's two times the number of people. This is an algebraic expression. It doesn't specify how many people there are. A more usual algebraic way of writing the number of gloves needed would be 2p, where p stands for the number of people. 2p means 2 x p. We don't usually bother to write the multiplication sign.

What is the algebraic expression for the product of 5 and a number increased by 3?

5n + 3 is probably what you want. It could possibly be 5 (n+3) depending on where you pause when you say it.

What is 190 feet less than 4 times its width in algebraic expression form?

x = 4x -190 is what you want, I think. (Solve for x and add feet to your answer.)

How do you simplify 3 over 5?

It is in simplist fractional form but if you want it as a decimal it would be 0.6

How do you write and simplify an expression of a right triangle base20 height x-6?


How would you equate equations with exponents to zero?

I am not entirely sure what kind of equation you want to solve. Anyway, if an expression has an exponent of zero, the entire expression is usually equal to 1 (unless you raise zero to the power zero; that's undefined). Perhaps that can help you simplify the expression. For example: if you have an equation such as (x+y+z)0 + 5x + 3 = 10 The entire left expression, (x+y+z)0 can be replaced with 1, thus simplifying the equation.

What is the meaning of the idiomatic expression the bottom line?

It means - that is the end, no more, finished. The expression is spoken with some conviction as you would not want your decision to be contradicted

Is it wrong to want to simplify a wedding?

Wrong? I think most people would say no. Generally speaking, your wedding can be anything you want it to be.

How do you write 5 over 2 as a mixed number?

it would be 2 2/4 but if you want to simplify it, the final answer would be 2 1/2

What is 0.540625 as a fraction?

It is 540625/1000000 which you can simplify, if you want.

What expression means the same that whatever you want?

what you want

Which expression is equivalent to 4.8 2.2w-1.4w 2.4?

Lots of expressions are equivalent to it. But for a start, you may want to simplify it, by combining like terms - i.e., add the terms with the variable "w", and separately add the terms without a variable.

What is 0.0542 as a fraction?

0.0542 = 542/10000 which you can simplify if you want.

Can you simplify 11 over 20?

only if you want a decimal in your answer.

What are the operations of algebraic operation?

I want to know [what is the order of operations in math?]

Why would you want to factor each expression before multiplying or dividing 2 rational expressions?

In both cases, you may be able to cancel common factors, thus simplifying the expression.

What is creative expression?

Creative expression is literally anything you want it to be. Any way that a person outwardly expresses themselves is creative expression.

How do you simplify 12 over 56?

You have to find the greatest common factor which is 4. so it would be 3/14 or 0.21429 if you want it in decimal terms

Are there mapping procedures to convert algebraic expressions into music?

I use my own methods, as do most people who would want to do such. Just find your own way that works for you.

What would the expression be if a concert ticket is 32 dollars each and five friends want to purchase the tickets together. what is the total price?

It would be $160