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Could be a sign of your fuel pump about to go out. I would start by getting the injectors professionally cleaned (I don't mean that cheap bottled crap they sell at the parts store). If the problem persists, have your fuel pump pressure checked.

My 96 Eclipse has the exact same problem and it needs a new computer module. I did everything else possible for it and that's the only thing left. They're kind-of hard to find because apparently they tend to die a lot on this kind of car. Go ahead and try cleaning the fuel injectors, but it did nothing for me.

I'm dealing with the same problem with intermittent car dying and checked the wiring for shorts, checked all connections, battery and alt working properly. I think I have 3 problems actually. I believe the vapor/liquid separator is bad allowing fuel into the vapor line if I fill tank past halfway. My radiator has a leak and I'm suspicious it may be clogged and not cooling properly but sometime the car cuts off before the engine warms up or within a mile which I think is either the computer is shorting out or maybe an air sensor. Possibly coil When it dies it takes a few minutes before it will start up. When I turn key to on and the dash lights come on, if the check engine light doesn't momentarily come on I know it wont start. I see it I know it will. I checked for 12v on the coil pack power wire and when it shuts down and not immediately start there's no volts. I wait a few and then suddenly 12v again and will start. So the ASD relay might be going out or something is telling it to cut power. I'm at a loss really. I did clean out the throttle body and installed a new CAS and worked fine until I got more gas earlier and then stalls on way home after stopping kinda fast (separator valve) but even after I got it home it will idle for a number of minutes and simply die each time if at normal temp gauge reading or cooled off. So maybe not radiator. I keep topped off constantly. It's like something is just turning the power off. Going now to clean the IAC, MAF, TPS and throttle body and plate. Good luck to you and hopefully that gives you some ideas.

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Q: Why would your 1996 Eclipse stall when you slow down to idle speed then the problem goes away and it runs great for a fiew minutes or sometimes hours?
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