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If you have lost a lot of weight, sometimes your skin won't react as quickly. It could be loose skin that's making your waist bigger. Try toning your midsection. There are tons of "get a tiny waist" exercises in magazines. ITS ALSO POSSIBLE THAT YOU ARE RETAINING WATER.

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Q: Why would your waist be larger if you have lost weight?
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Can you lose fat but not weight?

Yes, as you work out you are gaining muscle which is said to weigh more than fat. But as you gain muscle you also burn more calories naturally. After seven weeks of working out, I have not lost any weight, but I have lost two inches off my waist and that reminds me that I am moving in the right direction. Waist size is often more important to you overall health than weight in any case.

1 inch off waist equals how many pounds lost?

It depends on what the waist was before.

Where is a woman's weight loss first visible?

Based on my personal experience, I've always felt that the smallest part of me lost weight first. I've always had a small waist and, now that I'm trying to lose weight, my waist has gotten smaller. I believe that, if you "diet" properly, you lose weight evenly. However, it will show on the smallest area first.

What are the 6 benefits of exercise?

-Healthier heart & lungs -Weight loss -Muscle gain -Inches lost off of the waist -Stronger core -Less of an apatite

If time is so easyly lost why do we waist it?

Because we have loads of it.

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Now that Mrs. Shotto has lost weight, what pattern size would be a better fit

If you lost weight would stretch marks go away?

most likely

How hard is it to adjust your jeans after you've lost a couple of inches on your weight?

You can get them altered, but it would just be better and cheaper to get a new pair. You can pay a tailor to take in the waist of your jeans or do it yourself if you're handy with a needle. Unless the jeans are very sentimental to you, you'd probably get a better fit for less money by simply buying new jeans. If you lost a couple of inches in the waist, you've also lost inches in the hips and calves and you'll get a better look if you buy jeans that fit your new body.

Has anyone lost weight on a raw food diet plan?

Many people have lost weight on the raw food plan. It would only make sense that you would lose the weight because of the added fats and calories you will not be ingesting as in processed or cooked foods.

Why is Sean Murray so skinny this season has he lost weight on purpose or is he ill?

he lost weight

What is the greatest weight lost?

most lost on a diet

How do you calculate the degree of dehydration?

(Original body weight)-(current body weight)= weight lost (weight lost)/(original body weight) * 100 = % of dehydration (degree of dehydration)

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