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why dont you draw the velocity of triangles?

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Q: Why you draw the velocity triangles?
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How many triangles can you draw in a decagon?

you can basically draw an infinite amount of triangles in a dodecagon....

How do you create three different drawings showing a number of circles and triangles in which the ratio of circles to triangles is 2 to 3?

To create three different drawings showing a number of circles and triangles in which the ratio is 2:3 you can: Start with an equilateral triangle, draw a circle inside it, draw an equilateral triangle inside the circle, draw a circle in the triangle and then draw an equilateral tiangle in the smallest circle. Or, you could draw 3 triangles and 2 circles in a line. Or, you could draw 3 triangles on a line with 2 circles between them.

What 2 triangles form when you draw a diagonal line across a rectangle?

right triangles and

Can you draw a trapezoid 3 right triangles?


How do you learn velocity triangles in turbo machines?

Read a book

How do you draw a picture for velocity?

To draw a picture for velocity, first you need to understand what velocity means. Velocity simply means speed in a given direction. So for a picture you simply need to draw something related to something having speed. For example a ball has speed so you could draw a ball.

How do you draw square pyramid?

You draw a square for the base of the pyramid and then you draw triangles for the 4 faces. Hope this helps!

How many triangles can be divided into a octagon?

draw it out it helps

Draw two similar triangles?

🔺 🔺

How do you plot velocity triangle of turbomachinery?

i want introduction to velocity triangles in impact of jet of curved vanes in hydraulics

Can you draw two acute triangles that are not similar?

Yes, you are allowed to draw two acute angled triangles. Acute means less than 45 degrees. - lovelytoes

Can a rhombus be spilt into two equilateral triangles?

Yes, it can be split into two equilateral triangles,when we draw a diagonal