Why you use meter stick?

Updated: 8/18/2019
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for measuring

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Q: Why you use meter stick?
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Related questions

What uniit does a meter stick use?

The 'meter'.

What is meter use to measure?

A Meter stick.

Do you use a meter stick to measure length?

Yes, a meter stick can be used to measure length.

Would it be better to use a meter stick or ruler to measure the drop and bounce height of a ball?

Meter stick.

What do you use to measure a meter?

Yard stick

What will you use to measure a box of crayons?

ruler, yard stick, meter stick

What can you use to measure centimeters?

ruler or meter stick

How can you check your height without a measuring tape?

you can use a yard stick of a meter stick

Would you use a meter stick to measure a chalk board?

Duha yes you would use a meter stik.

Is a meter stick equal to 1 meter?

No. A stick is a stick and a meter is a unit of length.

What if you was measuring with meters what instrument would you use?

Meter stick


Millimeters and meters.