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It comes from the French word 'nombre'

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Q: Why you write number in short form no?
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How do you write 1942 in short form?

There is no short form to 1942 number. You can write it in words as Nineteen forty two.

How do you write a word number in a short form?


How do you write a decimal number in short word form?


How do you write the value of the number 2 in short word form?


What is short word form?

Short word form is when you write the number in word form, except with the numbers. EXAMPLE: 34,567,199 in short word form is 34 million, 567 thousand, 199.

How do you write a standard number to a short word form?

ju ask a teatecher

How do you write the number five in this question in a short form 0.584?

Five tenths.

Write in the short form: 0.4 + 0.07?

Then, write the number in expanded form. The answer is 0.4 + ... 8+0.4+0.07+0.008. ... Small numbers can also be written in standard form.

How do you write 90 in short word form?

You can write 90 in short word form as ninety.

Write the value of the underlined digit in short word form 1822with the underline under da 8?

Write the value of the underlined digit in short word form 456,120,781 if the underlined number is 5?

How do you write 2.67 billion in number form?

Short: 2,670,000,000Long: 2,670,000,000,000

How do we write brother short form?

You would write brother as bro. But many people think this is a 'slang' word, but it is not, it is an actual short form from brother. Bro is one of the most common ways of saying brother in short form.

How do you write thousand in short form?

you write it like 1k

How do you write a billion in short form?

you can write billion for short like 1b,2b,3b...and so on

When you hear a phone number and write it down your brain uses?

When you hear a phone number and write it down, your brain uses short term memory.

How do you write in short form tablespoons?

Tables spoons short is TB

How do you write the number 33871648 in number form?

33871648 is the number form

How do you write six thousand dollars out in number form?

You would write it out in number form like this 6,000

How do you write Thirty-five-hundredths in number form?

how do you write thirty-five-hundredths in number form

Write fifty-five hundredths in standard form?

5.5 × 10-1This is not a number you would normally write in standard form. As it is very short. Usually numbers are written in standard form to save time.

How do you write Beijing in short form?

It is BJS

How do you write solution in short form?


How do you write short word form?


How do you write centimeter in short form?


How do you write a thousand in short form?